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3 Ways to Add Style to your Bathroom

Redesigning your bathroom with the intention of creating a space with a more fashionable and luxurious appearance is a great way to inject your home with new life and energy as well as adding those classy touches that you dream of returning to after a hard day’s work.

There are some fantastic contemporary bathroom products on the market today, and with a little forward thinking, you can apply them to any dreary old bathroom and add lavish touches with little effort. So whether you are looking to add small yet stylish accessories or much larger luxurious fixtures and units, let’s look at five simple ideas that could turn your dreary bathroom into a personal paradise.

Style to your Bathroom

Built for Luxury If you are looking to create an ultimately relaxing and luxurious experience then there are some wonderful modern shower enclosures and bathtubs that are specifically designed to not only aid relaxation but also enhance it and improve aspects of the user’s health and wellbeing.

Consider adding modern models such as whirlpool jet bathtubs, proven to aid circulation and massage aching muscles. Steam shower enclosures are equal as beneficial; the steam function cleans out clogged pores and cleanses oily skin which is great for people who take their grooming or beauty regime seriously.

These features can also have a great range of health benefits, from aiding weight loss (the steam cabin shower enclosure can help burn up to 300 calories per session) to relief from arthritis and respiratory problems. Contemporary ColoursUse well-matched colors to create a space that gives a stunning first impression.

Bathrooms are one of the few rooms in the house in which you can use bright, vibrant colors to a positive end, creating a bathroom that delivers a ‘fresh and summery’ wide as appose to a smooth and luxurious effect. To create a bathroom that encourages relaxation and indulgence, add a darker color scheme; black and white is a popular and fool-proof color scheme that compliments modern features and fixtures excellently.

Fitting Features Contemporary taps, shower enclosures, bathroom furniture, bathtubs, and washbasins can all be bought in stylish shapes and sizes, to take full advantage of some of the more ‘designer’ items on the market.

Adding some simple yet effective furnishings and accessories around the room can be hugely effective when looking to add some finishing touches to your bathroom. A small yet vibrant potted plant can is sure to bring a subtly ‘fresh’ feeling to the room, so placing one of these out of harm’s way will certainly give your bathroom a little life.

So there we have 3 simple ways to add masses of style and luxury to your bathroom. Remember, always adhere to your chosen style and color scheme, adding too many features which represent different designs is a sure fire way to create a clutter filled eyesore. Daniel Travis – Brown loves writing about DIY and home design, for links to more great articles follow Dan on Twitter @DanTravisBrown

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