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5 Top Tips for Adding Value to Your Home

With UK mortgage rates recently reaching record lows, the amount of people considering buying is almost certainly on the up.

What this means for those who are currently selling (or plan to sell) is that there are potentially more buyers than there once was scouting around for a home like theirs.

Of course, when you are selling, there are two things you want to achieve; make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers, and add value to the home in order make as high of a return as possible.

 If you are looking to boost your homes appeal and value, check out our 5 top tips for adding value to your home below.

Adding Value to Your Home

Brighten Up

One of the least appealing things about viewing a home is finding that it has very little natural light. The thought of living in the modern equivalent of a cave is, of course, off-putting to the majority of us.

To combat this, try letting in as much natural light as possible, and if this is difficult, there are a number of measures you can take to make the most of what you do have.

The piece from Mellyssa Griffin outlines a number of great ways including painting your walls light colours, installing white light bulbs instead of yellow, placing mirrors on the walls and much more.

Master Bedroom Makeover

Whether your home has two bedrooms or five, the most important to the buyer will, of course, be the one in which they sleep, the master bedroom.

While families will of course look for a house with a number of bedrooms, they generally will care only for the size of a secondary bedroom, not the look because if it is intended for children, they will likely redecorate anyway.

However, the last thing parents want to have to do is redecorate the master bedroom, so bump up your value and appeal by giving it an entire overhaul.

Particularly popular things include innovative storage spaces, light and soft painted walls or contemporary wallpaper patterns and a large mirror, preferably fitted on a wall.

Go Green

Making your home more self-sufficient is another way to boost the value of your home as in the long run, it will certainly benefit the new owner and save them money.

This can start by installing smaller things such as low-flow showerheads and small wind turbines right up to installing solar panels tight across your roof.

Conversion and Extensions

Probably the most expensive but most effective is extending your current home by converting a space currently not used like an attic or build an extension.

Speaking to extension and conversion developers CM Projects, they explained how “adding an extra room to your current home can work wonders to its market price.”

“For example, converting your attic could mean you now have four bedrooms instead of four. Adding an extension could either make the current living room of kitchen much larger or could add an extra living space, study or bathroom to your home.”

Kitchen/Bathroom Refresh

The two rooms in the house most reliant on their functioning appliances are of course the kitchen and the bathroom.

There are so many modern, aesthetically pleasing and ultra functional takes on the classic washing machines, sinks, dishwashers, showers and toilets out there, which once installed will make an impact on your home’s value.

There is also the modernising of the cheaper things like soft closing cabinets, easy clean stone tiling (both on the floors and on the walls) and improved worktops which will all make a difference to the functionality and appearance of your bathroom and kitchen.

Trying at least one of these 5 tips should add something to the value of your home and hopefully help you get the right price for your property.

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