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6 Tips to Save Money When Hiring a Car in Melbourne

If you are traveling to Melbourne, most people who are familiar with the area will recommend that you hire a vehicle so that you can venture beyond the city limits and go on short excursions. If you are forced to take public transportation to all of the attractions that you want to experience, you may be limited in just how many attractions you can make it to throughout the week.

With a rental vehicle, you never have to wait for a bus or a taxi when you are ready to get up and go. While car rental Melbourne does offer benefits to travelers who want the freedom to venture around, you need to take the time to ensure you choose the right agency and the right contract. Here are 6 tips to consider when you are hiring a vehicle in Australia:

Hiring a Car in Melbourne

Tip 1: Choose Rental Agencies Away From the Airport to Save Money While it may be convenient to pick up your hired vehicle after you deplane, you will pay for the convenience. Most travelers pay about 14 percent more because of airport taxes when renting from an airport location. Look for locations that are only 5 kilometers from the airport and you can save.

Tip 2: Kilometers not all agencies offer free kilometers. If you plan on driving quite a bit, you should ask how many kilometers you can travel for free. Also, find out how much you will pay if you go over. If you choose a practical contract, you will not have to worry about add-on costs.

Tip 3: Examining the Car You should always inspect a vehicle for damage before you drive off of the lot. If there are damages and they are not reported, you could be charged for these damages.

Tip 4: Know the Rules of the Road If you are not familiar with the rules of the road in Australia, you should take a time to learn the rules before you get behind the wheel. If you are caught breaking the rules of the road, the rental car agency has the right to charge you for the fine and will also assess administration costs.

 Tip 5: Liability Insurance If you do not have liability insurance that extends when you are driving a car for hire in Melbourne, you need to make sure you reduce your financial responsibility by investing in liability protection through the agency. Ask what type of liability and physical damage cover is available and how much it will cost to add these forms of protection to your contract.

Tip 6: 24 Hour Phone Number Many people forget to get the emergency phone number of the agency if they breakdown or are involved in an accident. If you do not have the number and you have problems, you may have to wait until the office opens to have your issues resolved.

Make sure to consider these tips whenever you hire a vehicle. Be sure that you know what add-on charges you can be assessed and how to avoid being charged these fees. Following these tips can save you a headache and can save you money as well.

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