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A Buyer’s Guide to Luxury French Riviera Properties

If you are looking for somewhere to live that epitomises luxury and is within close proximity to the beach then consider French Riviera properties when looking for your next home. The French Riviera is a breathtakingly beautiful place that has attracted tourists for many years. It is the Mediterranean coastline of the south of France and was one of the first modern resort areas at the end of the 18th century. Perhaps one of the best things about the French Riviera is that there are strict laws about property developments as they wish to retain the incredible scenery that the coastline offers. If you are interested in buying property on the French Riviera then these tips may help.


• Research the French Riviera and decide which area you would like to live in. Certain factors will influence your decision such as proximity to international schools, the beach, and the nearest village and so on. Regardless of where along the coastline you live you will enjoy magnificent views and incredible weather, so other factors will need to be the deciding factors about which area you choose.

Set a Budget

• Consider what you are asking for your luxury property for sale in London as this will influence what you are willing to spend on a property for sale in the French Riviera. It is also recommended that you find out about taxation in France; property in France does not need to be overly expensive so long as you plan the purchase properly from a taxation point of view.

Ask the Professionals

• Speak to a financial advisor about foreign exchange. When it comes to changing your money into the currency of the country you plan to live or go for holiday, it is best to speak to a financial advisor. You can find the most competitive exchange rates and it pays to open a currency account as soon as possible.

Plan a Viewing Trip

• Make a short list of the luxury properties that you would like to look at on the French Riviera and then go and view them in person. Looking at luxury property for sale in Cote d’Azur in person will give you a much better idea and feel for the place than simply looking at it online.

Make an Offer

• Once you have decided which luxury property on the French Riviera you want to purchase you can put in an offer. You may want to get advice about what is the expected price for the property in the area you are looking to make sure that you are making a realistic offer.

These are the basic steps to help you buy property in the French Riviera and it is recommended that you contact experts who know this area when planning to make an offer on a property. Whether you are looking for a family home to live in, a holiday home for the summer holidays or a property to rent out to tourists, French Riviera properties are incredibly popular and a worthwhile investment.

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Sally Roberts is a freelance writer with a keen interest in property and luxury living, in particular on the Continent and in the UK; Sally always keeps abreast of the latest news concerning luxury property for sale in London and Europe.

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