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A Look At Expensive Seating!

When thinking of investing in a new chair for either work or home, comfort is of course key, but for most of us so is affordability. Whatever you’re looking for, and no matter what your price range, surely these chairs will not be on most peoples’ shopping lists:

Most Expensive High Chair

We all think our children deserve the best things money can buy, but just how much is too much to spend to make them comfortable? The Henry VI highchair is made from a combination of varnished and laminated birch with powder coated steel fixings, and swivels to allow for easy feeding. It can also be adapted to be used by children up to the age of fifteen – which with a price tag of USD $1,350, it needs to be!

Most Expensive High Chair

Auction Record for a Living Artist

The Lockheed Lounge Chair by designer Marc Newson is a marvel of fibreglass and riveted sheet aluminium. The chaise-style chair sold at auction in 2007 for $1.5 million, the record for any auction item ever sold by a living artist. Called ‘an iconic piece of modern design’, perhaps part of the chair’s appeal was that it featured in Madonna’s ‘Rain’ video. Despite being incredibly shiny, the chair doesn’t look as if it were built with comfort in mind.

Most Expensive Office Chair Available Worldwide

The silver and gold plated office chair designed by Hadi Teherani of Germany can be purchased by anyone who wants one – and has $65,000 to spare that is! The chair has no technical features although it is well designed for comfort.

Hadi Teherani chair in action

Most Expensive Office Chair Ever

Italian designers Pininfarina are perhaps more widely known for designing Ferraris and Cadillacs than office furniture, yet their Aresline Xten chair has achieved the status of the most expensive office chair ever. With a price tag of $1.5 million, it isn’t the sort of thing everyone can afford. Thankfully, it is currently only available in the UAE, taking some of the pressure off the rest of us looking for that special chair at an affordable price.

Aresline Xten chair in action

Most Expensive Chair Ever

In February 2009 records were shattered at the Parisian auction of items previously owned by the late Yves Saint Laurent. Included in the record-breaking items list was an armchair owned by Saint Laurent and designed in the early 20th century by Eileen Gray. The ‘Dragon’s Chair’ came into the auction with an estimated sale value of between two and three million euros – by the end of the day it had sold for a monstrous 21.9 million euros, or USD $28 million!

Now, few of us have the cash to purchase chairs of such magnitude, but when looking for a new office chair, most expensive doesn’t always equal best. There are plenty of chairs on the market which offer the exact amount of support and comfort you need. Remember, there’s no such thing as the perfect chair, there’s only the chair that is perfect for you.

Expensive Seating

This post was written on behalf of leading office chair supplier Chair Office.

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