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Adapting The Home For Elderly Guests

If you suddenly find yourself with elderly people living in your house, it can be quite worrying and alarming having to find suitable ways to adapt the home. Fortunately, however, there are plenty of solutions for you to consider.

Whilst there are various permanent additions and house improvements you can make, many of the options described here are designed to be quick and easy. This is great when elderly relatives come by on short notice, such as during the Christmas holidays, and you don’t have much time to plan and prepare.

Clutter and mess

One of the easiest risks to remove is that of clutter. A simply tidy up will solve this. The likes of objects on the floor, for instance, are simple accidents waiting to happen. Just because something
is easy for you to walk around or avoid, doesn’t mean it’s easy for an elderly relative; more so if they’re not use to it or aren’t expecting these obstacles in the first place.

Likewise, you should also look at your furniture layout. Seating and other usable units need to be
accessible. Other units such as shelving and coffee tables just provide further obstacles, taking
up vital floor space that might be needed for mobility and accessibility. A simple rearrangement
before guests arrive will always help.

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Whilst on the subject of floors, your choice of floor space might need to be covered up. If you have laminate floors and other slippery surfaces, these will pose an obvious risk. If you can, cover these up with a non-slip cover or a very heavy or thick rug; the extra weight or density is needed to prevent slipping when placing weight onto the rug.

The bathroom

Finally, the bathroom is a very sensitive area and not without its health risks. Disabled baths and showers are the best choice but there are various circumstances where you don’t have the time or resources for this.

In this case, you should look into installing handles and grips on the walls in key locations which should make the act of getting in and out of such units easier and safer. Additionally, similar to your existing flooring issues, you should look at carpets and non slip surfaces for the bathroom.

I hope that whether removing clutter, choosing the right floor or understanding the importance of safe bathing, the few suggestions given above may be useful to you.

This article has been written by Callum Naylor, an home decor practioner.

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