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How To Add Value To Your Home; Four Great Ideas

If you own your own home, you’ll want to either keep up it’s value or add to it over the years for when you come to sell it and move on to something bigger. What you actually do to your home will reflect in the price you are likely to get and some improvements are expected as standard whilst some will put your property way above the others on your street. So what do buyers want nowadays and what will give your property the edge? Sometimes these things are more obvious than others, however here we thought we’d take a look at just 4 ways in which you can add value to your property.

Taking Care Of The Interior

Most people want a property that looks clean and well decorated, unless of course it’s advertised at a knock down price, so make sure you repaint and replace any tatty wallpaper every few years. If you are thinking of selling in the not too distant future then neutral colours usually go down well with most buyers and won’t clash with other people’s furniture.

Value To Your Home

Keep Your Bathroom Looking It’s Best

If your bathroom has seen better days then replace it with a plain white version that won’t look out of date in the next few years. White always looks stylish, goes with any colour tiles and can often be a cheaper option. A separate shower is also a good idea if you have the space to accommodate one.

What About The Kitchen?

With many buyers a kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house so it’s worth replacing your old one if it’s looking past it’s best. A top of the range version is not usually necessary as long as it looks modern and stylish.

A Wow Factor?

To add the wow factor to your home consider installing a hot tub in your garden. Having a hot tub will put your property way above the others in the area and even if it won’t increase the value by thousands, it will certainly make your home far easier to sell. We spoke to Vita Spa who outlined to us that hot tubs were once seen as a luxury which only the rich and famous could afford, however in recent years, due to them becoming more of an affordable purchase, they’ve found their way into an increasingly larger number of houses. Go on…treat yourself!

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