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Take to the Air

Air travel is becoming a familiar part of our lives now –from that once a year vacation to business travel around the world. Whatever the reason for boarding there are a few steps you can take to make everything fly high a little smoother.

Pack Up and Go: preparation is the key to packing well. The first step should be to visit the airline website and gen up on all the rules and regulations pertaining to boarding. They will have some clear advice and guidance on what you are allowed to take on board which will give you the starting point for what to pack. There is also a list on the websites telling you what you can and cannot carry on board –from scissors to liquids. You need to know before you go.

Don’t forget the essentials: The all-important documents are a must. Passport, tickets (unless you have arranged for them to be transported on your phone) and travel insurance. Many documents these days can be taken in an electronic format so don’t forget your phone as this certainly counts as an essential.  Photocopies of documents are also useful in case you are separated from the originals. Leave these copies with a trusted friend at home.

BoardingPass for Quick Boarding: Avoid those queues by pre-boarding. Print off your pass or download it to your phone if the airline allows it so you can get through the whole process much more quickly.

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Dress for successful boarding: You will undoubtedly have to go through a checking and even an xray scanning process on your way through the airport so we would suggest that you dress suitably. Belts would have to be taken off and left in a tray as you pass through the security scanner so leave it off. Footwear will probably be taken off too so make sure you can get them off easily as there is nothing worse than tackling laces in a queue. Why not dress for the ultimate – in case of an emergency landing – avoid spike heels and mini skirts or anything that would hinder you walking out on to the plane wing and down the escape slide.

Give thought to your carry-on items: You are usually only allowed a minimal amount of carry on luggage and it should be of a certain size so to avoid any hassle when you are boarding – or even losing your baggage or paying extra then check the rules and regulations of the airline and be prepared. Keep essentials in your carry on in case you get separated from you main baggage and, if there is room, why not take a spare change of underwear to keep you going should there be a delay in luggage arriving.

Travel in comfort: For long-haul flights it is worth taking your own pillow with you as well as items to keep you entertained on the long flight although many airlines provide a raft of entertainment. There’s nothing like your own music and reading material for the journey.  And for added comfort pack earplugs or airsickness medication.

Eat and drink for health. It is worth packing a few snacks but most essential of all is to stay hydrated so drink plenty of bottled water.

In flight accidents are a rarity but can happen. Baggage can fall from overhead lockers and hot drinks can be spilt and cause burns. Always be aware of your surroundings can remember you can claim compensation for any accident that wasn’t your fault.

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