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Apartment Sharing For Business People – A Luxurious Way Of Living?

The definition of luxury is often a very personal one. While there is some common ground when it comes to define a luxury hotel or apartment, it is far more difficult to agree on a luxurious way of living. The growing number of professionals in their 40s who have to share flats to combat rising housing and living costs will probably not classify their way of life as a luxurious one. After all, flat sharing is mainly associated with students and young professionals. Living together in a small space, sharing your kitchen, bathroom and ultimately every aspect of your private life, might seem attractive when you are in your 20s. However, in your 40s it might lose its appeal quite drastically. It becomes a necessity rather than luxury.

Serviced apartments are alternatives to hotels

However, apartment sharing can be a luxurious way of living when it becomes an alternative to staying in a hotel. Many business people travel a lot and often visit the same town on a regular basis. Hotels are anonymous places. Rooms are usually small, and the menu for room service limited. Eating out is the only option, and business services like WIFI have to be paid extra. This can make a stay in a hotel rather expensive, and even the nicest hotel becomes limiting and boring after a few days.

Booking a serviced apartment is a great alternative to hotels. The business person has their own space and considerable more room than in a hotel as living and sleeping areas are separate. Food can be prepared in the apartment’s kitchen. For corporate teams away from their offices, these serviced apartments provide a common base. The apartment’s living area is a considerable more private space than the hotel bar when it comes to discussing company projects. Some business people might prefer the privacy of a hotel room where they can get away from their colleagues after hours; however, sharing a serviced apartment for a business trip can help the team spirit and will certainly cut costs.

A home from home

Business people who spend several days each week in, say, London, and who live too far away for a daily commute, will find that sharing an apartment long term provides them with a home from home. Rooms can be personalised, luggage stored, and an evening with the house mate in front of the telly might be far more appealing than a lonely evening in a hotel restaurant. It saves money and potentially time; both luxury items in the 21st century.

Several websites exist for people who are looking to share their apartments, is only one of them. The choice of potential accommodation is great, covering the whole spectrum of housing, from shared Victorian terraced houses to luxury riverside apartments.

Sharing apartments may well be a luxurious way of living: At the end of the day it depends on the individual business person how they define luxury – whether it is the amenities of a hotel or the homeliness of an apartment.

Written by B. Barnes, property blogger from London UK on behalf bespoke property management company Rhodium. To find out more, please visit the website.

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