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Audi vs BMW Luxury car segment – Testing times for the world leaders

The Indian economy is on the move and the automotive industry is growing steadily. An improved road network and an enhanced family income are reflected in the increasing demand for the luxury cars in India. The Indian luxury car market is mostly controlled by the two German firms Audi AG. And the BMW AG. These two firms are the leaders in the manufacture of the luxury cars worldwide. The Audi India was established in 2007 and the BMW Indians in 2006.

The Audi has 5 sedan models; A4, S4, A6, S6 and AB LW2 being sold in India. Their utility vehicles Q3, Q5 and Q7 and Coupe type TT and Audi R8 models are available in India. The models A7 and RS7 are sport back type models. In 2014 more models will be launched in India. The models A4, Q5, Q7 and Q3 are assembled in India.

The utility vehicle Q3 at Rupees 24.7 lakhs is the cheapest of the Audi cars. The Audi Q3 with a 1968 cc engine gives a mileage of 15.73 for diesel and 11.72 kmpl for petrol versions. It features a driver information system, a voice dialogue system, a navigation system and electromechanical parking brakes. Audi Q7 variants priced from Rupees 56 to 76 lakhs has a 3.0 liter or 4.2 liter engine with a mileage of 8.8 and 12.62 kmpl respectively for petrol and diesel models. There are additional features like sunroof, remote operated tail gate and leather seats on this. The coupe type Audi R8 is the costliest Audi car which is priced from Rupees 1.60 to 2.08 crores.

Audi vs BMW

The BMW India has few cars like the sedan models BMW 3 series, 5 series, 7 series and the utility vehicles X1 and X3 assembled in India. Other vehicles are imported as CBUs. They include the BMW 6 series coupe, the BMW 6 convertible, the BMW 6 Gran Coupe, the utility vehicles X5 and X6 and the Z4. The BMW 1 series hatchback is the cheapest BMW car at a price of Rupees 22.65 lakhs. The cheapest sedan is the BMW 3 series priced at 33.65 lakhs and the costliest the BMW 7 priced between Rupees 1.03 and 1.87crores. The series 6 Gran Coupe is priced from Rupees 1.12 to 1.75 crore. The 7 series model 760Li is an 8 speed automatic gear car with a 6.0 litre petrol engine. Features of this 5219 mm long car include leather seats, 8 air bags, a GPS navigation system, a sun roof and R19 alloy wheels.

The standards of the comfort, look and safety are maintained very high by both the makers. So budget is the main consideration while choosing one’s model.

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