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Ayo Mary Laurent’s New Designer App Hits Google Play Store

An average person spends at least 4 hours on his smartphone, and it is the most frequently used technology item in the industry. They want everything to be at their fingertips, so why not give them exactly what they want? This is what Mary Laurent had in mind when she decided to give her brand an app. All her customers can now view the brand’s clothes, accessories and everything else it has to offer!

Ayo Mary Laurent started her own fashion clothing, shoes and accessories line which she called MARY LAURENT in 2013. Her inborn love for fabric and fashion helped her out in shaping her line into what it is today. And now in 2015, Mary Laurent has launched its very own designer app. The brand already has a huge following of customers, and it is estimated to grow with the launch of the new app available on Google Play Store.

Mary Laurent’s clothing line boomed in the fashion industry right from the beginning because of the vast knowledge and close ties of the designer who was born in a family notable in the clothing industry for several years. This very reason why the MARY LAURENT app can be called the ultimate designer app. To get the app developed, Mary Laurent used the same inspiration she did when she started her own brand. When you download the app, you will be able to see a reflection of her brand and be able to tell that the person behind the app had the love for fashion, design and fabric.

Just like the fashion line and website, this designer app caters the styles of both women and men. From women’s dresses to men’s briefcases, Mary Laurent’s designer app has it all for you! Mary Laurent’s lineup showcases her family’s years of design expertise and their quality craftsmanship. The designer app contains all the latest trends for both men and women. It offers the most complete and unique line of clothing and accessories. Everything in the collection is made using unique material and luxurious fabrics. All of this is used to create quality products and fashionable looks that are founded under the most innovative fashion currently available for woman and man.

Mary Laurent, the international fashion label continues to expand its business by launching a new designer app that allows customers to view the collection and shop whatever they like by using their smartphones. The new app is sleekly designed and allows easy navigation of the clothes, accessories and shoes. It is also fully responsive and the overall design of the app makes shopping more fun. As a brand, Mary Laurent has without a doubt exceeded the expectations of fashion enthusiasts by giving them a superb line of products. Whether its handbags, dresses or footwear, everything can be found on the designer app.

So, go ahead and download the app from Google Play Store right now to have a look at the fashion forward clothing pieces by Mary Laurent.

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