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A Beginner’s Guide to Building the Best Office Space

Setting up a brand new office space is far more complex than most anticipate. From ensuring there is enough square footage to accommodate your staff to creating a space that reflects your brand, there is a lot to be taken into consideration. Below is a quick guide to getting you started on planning the best and most productive office space possible for your business.

How Much Space Do You Really Need?

Purchase or take out a lease on a space which is too small and you won’t be able to scale your business. But if you move into a spot which is too large or in the wrong location, you’ll find yourself wasting precious company resources. So how much space do you really need?

Best Office Space

  • Consider the number of employees you have now, and estimate how many you will need to scale to the end of the lease. Most open workstation areas will need to be 60 to over 100 square feet per person.
  • Consider the number of offices you will need. This will depend on how you want to structure your company and if you require closed or open spaces for the CEO, the VP or anyone in leadership
  • Estimate the size of the conference room. The conference room should allow for 15 square feet per person.
  • Include work group areas. These areas are typically 80 to 100 square feet per person.
  • Don’t forget the reception area! A reception area of 125 square feet can accommodate your receptionist and two people while 300 square feet is suitable for a receptionist and eight people.

Other areas which you may want to include are a file room, library, lunch room, and water coolers. Many businesses choose to hire commercial agents to help with these fine details. Saracen office-refurbishments, for example, does not only refurbish offices but has connections with the best commercial estate agents. They make sure that their clients get into the right sized office for their business.

Where Should You Be Located?

Many startups are tempted to choose the least expensive office space possible. These spaces are typically in an industrial area which is not located close to any other related businesses. While such offices can save you money upfront, this is often a costly mistake.

Office locations should be convenient to your employees and to your customers or clients. Having an office situated on the outskirts of town may be difficult to get to and will dissuade the best talent and the right customers from coming to your door. That said, an office space in the heart of London is not only going to cost a lot, but the lack of convenient parking can be a huge deterrent to many.

How do you strike a balance? First, consider the industry that you are in. If you are a retail-oriented business, then you should be located close to other similar companies. Service businesses should be located closely to those who will be using their services. Take other factors into consideration as well, such as how close you are to suppliers, how convenient parking is and if your business is close to transit.

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