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Bespoke Fitted Sliding Wardrobes or Free-standing? Know Which One Is Right for You!

Are you planning to remodel or build your home? Well, during these difficult times, there will be many questions and confusions circling around your head. However, the most common thought would be whether you should go for free-standing or fitted wardrobes in your room!

While both have their pros and cons, you need to first understand their basics to get the one that can best match your needs and budget! Read on to understand why choosing bespoke fitted wardrobes can be much more beneficial for you than a free-standing one.

*Space efficiency*

Customized bespoke fitted wardrobes make use of space efficiently and intelligently. They are in fact designed to fit easily into the room without appearing too small or too large. Free-standing wardrobes might prove to be awkward in some cases. Fitted wardrobes eliminate these awkward spaces by specifically designing, manufacturing and fitting to the perfect shape and size.

Bespoke Fitted Sliding Wardrobes


Fitted wardrobes are designed to improve the interior d├ęcor of your home. You should choose colours that will blend in with the overall colour scheme of the room. When it comes to finishes, bespoke fitted wardrobes have an ample of options, right from wood grain finishes to high-gloss, you can easily choose the one which is right for you.

*Cleaning and maintenance*

All free-standing wardrobes have at least a little space above its top and the ceiling. That space can collect dust over time and allow cobwebs to develop.

On the other hand, made to measure, wall to wall and floor to ceiling built-in wardrobes are designed and installed to eliminate dust and creepy-crawlies from gathering on the tops and sides of the wardrobes. This makes them more efficient and even eradicates many hours of cleaning time!

*Storage space*

While a free-standing wardrobe can have the ability to hold a fair number of clothes, it is nothing compared to what bespoke fitted wardrobes can hold. Custom fitted wardrobes are designed to fit floor to ceiling and as a result, have more vertical and horizontal space as compared to traditional free-standing wardrobes.

*Customized to your needs*

Everyone desires for something unique when it comes to their wardrobe. However, free-standing wardrobes can never cater to such needs. For instance, you may require a different space for storing your accessories or just an additional shelf for your shoes, opting for fitted wardrobes, you have complete control over the design and space.

Overall, a fitted wardrobe can become a seamless part of your room. It will, in fact, make your home more valuable whilst catering for all your needs and requirements!

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