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Best Way to Quickly Sell Your Laptop

Though there are many ways to sell a laptop or any item, the quickest way by far is to immediately pawn it online.

We all love our laptops. They offer a convenience and mobility that any other computer simply can’t provide. Whenever we get one we never think “I’m going to sell my laptop one day,” and yet that’s what all of us eventually have to do. Whether you’re tight on money or looking for an upgrade sometimes you just need to sell a laptop fast. Here are some of the ways to do it, and the benefits and downsides to each.

 Sell Your Laptop

Sending out flyers


If you just send out flyers and sell your laptop to someone in person, you know you’ll get the cash in hand. What’s more you don’t need to deal with any third parties, just the seller and yourself.


You’re usually going to get a lot less money out of this arrangement than any other. Whenever someone sees a sign that says “sell my laptop” or “Sell blackberry” they are expecting a deal. If you don’t give them a big enough one, they simply won’t bite.



This way you get immediate payment without having to wait for someone else to make a move.


Most pawnshops are not going to offer you a big price. This is especially true of technological items, where if you sell a laptop or sell samsung phones you will often get ripped off.

Online Auction


This will often get a surprisingly large pay off, and since you can do everything from home you don’t need to interact with people or drive around town to sell your laptop this way.


Inversely, this will take the most time out of any method, and the most time too. First you need to take pictures of your laptop. Then you need to post up a detailed description and the picture. Then you need to wait around for up to a week for someone to bite. After that, you STILL need to mail the item off and wait for your digital payment. It’s a time consuming and work filled method of sale.

Online Pawning


This tends to be even quicker and simpler than in real life pawning. What’s more, online pawners usually understand the full benefit of technological items and will offer a good price for them.


Like with an online auction there is still the matter that you need to send the item off yourself, which takes time and effort. However, the payment and sending off method is much more streamlined than an online auction, as there are only two parties involved and not three. There is also no waiting around for someone to buy your laptop phase like there is in an online auction.

In the end the way you sell your laptop or indeed any item will depend on what you want. By far the fastest method available is pawning it online, but if you want to hold out for a better price or avoid online selling altogether that is entirely up to you.

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