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Building an Outdoor Tile Kitchen

With the beauty and unlimited possibilities for outdoor patio living it’s without a doubt that everyone has given a thought to installing an outdoor kitchen. Before starting this kind of project question first the climate in which you live in and how often will the area be used? Those in cold and wet climates will use this type of outdoor kitchen much less than those in warmer ones.

To best determine the question of how often this will be used it’s best to know if the kitchen will be a full scale entertainment area or for weekend get togethers. Once this is determined it’s a good idea to figure an outlay of the items needed. Even if this is a small project each outdoor kitchen requires an area for a grill. For some larger scale kitchens there are the choices of installing a bar fridge, rotisserie, storage cabinets and prep sinks.

Outdoor Tile Kitchen

The unlimited possibilities to this kind of kitchen are within the reach of anyone’s mind. Even smaller straight bar kitchens is a joy to use with the ease of having this cooking area always on hand. Once the area is set and constructed it’s time now to tile the surface to match the rest of the area. Often the patio tiles, whether natural stone, slate or porcelains are used in outdoor kitchens and bars alike. Some choose stacked stone to offset the heavy use of tile in the area. No matter what is chosen be sure it’s fitting to the climate in which it’s being installed in. To find out more on this and any other information that relates to outdoor kitchens take a look in for a Houston Countertops outlet or any other local outlet in the area.

One issue with building an outdoor kitchen after the patio has been installed is the utilities needed for this area. Often charcoal grills can be used to alleviate the problems associated with natural gas lines or storage for gas bottles. If electric is needed then another basic factor in trying to determine a safe and reasonable way to access it without having to dig up the existing patio tiles. Some DIY project seekers build a kitchen near the side of a home to work off the outlets on the exterior of a house. This works well if an arbor or rooftop is installed as much of these lines can be hidden by using PVC tubing or countersinking them into the framework.

Tiling the sides of a kitchen is easy as the patio under is usually level. If this is the case then basic mortar can be used to set the main tiles into place. This is also true with the trim that is chosen. Installing tile to cement block that is level is one of the easiest of all to apply. Often in outdoor areas many use cement as a counter top. This can be cement tiles or poured, either is easy to care for and both create a nice uniform look. Other choices include tile counter tops. The tops can be either simplistic or more decorative then the basic matching sides. If the kitchen has a back splash this too can be decorated in a nice tile to show off a little style. Many upscale homes are now installing granite countertops to the outdoor kitchen. This is a great addition to add to the area due to the ease of cleaning. Take a look in for a Houston Countertopsoutlet or any other local outlet for more information in adding granite to any outdoor area.

No matter what scale of project is chosen there are many other complex questions to think about. Always keep in mind the weather conditions and how to keep the elements from ruining it. Some of the same boarding and underlayment’s as an interior bathroom will be helpful in knowing. Other items to think of are mounting the unit to the patio. Often harsh winds and bad weather can uplift or cause damage to the area. Be sure the kitchen area is securely mounted to prevent any issues such as this.

Available in many stores are also prefabricated outdoor kitchens. These are a snap to install and set into place. Many DIY installers on a budget go with this method as everything is ready to use. Another added advantage is that installation can take less than a day. These prefab units are available in many sizes and shapes and are often decorated with faux stone or tiles already set to the paneled sides. No matter what choice is made enjoying an outdoor kitchen can be loads of fun for the whole family.

Graham Parker has built many outdoor kitchens and has becme an expert on using the right tiles too.

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