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Can Bingo Be Fixed

Until about five years ago bingo used to be something that many people looked forward to on a Saturday night. The bingo experience was closely tied to celebrating with friends and possibly finishing off the evening with a meal. The arrival of online bingo has all but sounded the death knell of bingo as a social activity.

Online bingo has attracted a lot of people, but instances of big bingo bonus wins seem to be a thing of the past. Due to the lack of winners an increasing number of people ask whether online bingo can be fixed, and if this happened at live bingo sessions.

can bingo be fixed

The Bingo Halls

There was a time when all bingo sessions relied on the honesty of the number caller as he or she pulled numbers from a hat. While there didn’t seem to be a lot of questioning about whether the game was fixed back then, it is certainly possible that some callers may have taken a bribe to call particular numbers.

Bingo fixing evidently became increasingly difficult when many of the halls went over to automatically generated balls, or random generation. It would have been virtually impossible for a caller to fix things in random number generation. While very few of the once packed bingo halls still open their doors, the question about fixing has gathered even more momentum with the proliferation of online bingo sites.

Online Bingo

Practically every third television advertisement these days is plugging online bingo. The general focus of the adverts portrays women getting online and winning some money. The reality is rather different and people are speculating about the lack of signal wins. A signal win relies on a machine voice chip that calls Bingo, signalling that someone has won; the machine operator then locates the winner.

While some players have complained about the lack of signal calls, raising the question of whether the online bingo games are fixed, allowing the house to win every time, this is not the case. Many people are content to use online bingo sites and are happy with the way things are run.

Online bingo players also like the ability to connect with other players through the online chat rooms. The apparent lack of bingo bonuses could very well be due to the fact that some people suffer from sour grapes when they get a 1 or 2tg card and someone else wins. Some people do complain about a lack of winners when 1 or 2tg is signalled – tg and a number reflects how many numbers a player needs in order to win the game and call bingo, but again this could well be sour grapes. No-one will be complaining when they win, but people are quick to point the blame when things aren’t going their way.

Does the House Win Every Time?

In the past if somebody had a big win at bingo it made the news; some of the better online bingo sites list any big wins to encourage other players. Most people who play online bingo don’t questioning how the game is going and although some players question how a game is run, the vast majority are happy with their online experience.

It would be most unusual for sites to fix things in favour of the house because they know that this would be illegal. Most bingo sites have a good online reputation and complainants really are among the minority of players. People continue to play online bingo because they are encouraged by the fact that they do stand a chance of winning, whether the amount is small or large.

Guest post written and published by Amy Fowler for Best Bingo Websites: specialist bingo referrals site. Find out more about bingo bonuses here, and read more from Best Bingo Websites by clicking here.

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