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Ceiling Tiles – Faux Tin

There are many copper ceiling tiles, but they are high end options. Many other tiles can also be used which are made of aluminum but these have to be worked before they are installed. Faux tin ceiling tiles can be used as an alternative and they cost less when compared to any other metal tiles. They add beauty same like copper tiles and they can be pained in the color which one wishes to. These faux ceiling tiles look just like any antique tiles and can be in copper or silver color and these are not as expensive as the real metal tiles. These tiles are of perfect finishing. These faux tin ceiling tiles can be installed temporarily using grid system. They can be installed to the false ceiling. In both the methods these tiles can be installed easily and takes less time for installation.

Ceiling Tiles – Faux Tin

Installation with easy and can be done by any one in less time

The ceiling tiles can be fixed by any one and it really simple. All a person needs are a t square, chalk, screws, hammer, tape, screw driver, knife.  When these tin tiles are installed it looks as if the room has got life. After the tiles are installed, once can install wallpapers on it which are of different colors as well as patterns. These tiles draw the attention of every person who enters the room. The patterns are eye catching. For installing these tiles, one needs to start with the corner so that the complete installation will be even and one can easily line up the tiles. As no adhesive, will be used, the installation is easy. Then the female screws are inserted, so that they receive the next panel.  One needs to ensure that the first tile is secured and it is best to double check. So, keep it straight mark using a chalk. Following the tile to tile pattern keep placing the tiles till the other side of the wall is reached. Then follow the same method in other directions and keep checking the straightness.  Near the edge cut the filled panels. Use level square to make sure that the panel is cut straight. For cutting rough edges, start trimming the panels. Using strips cut them and then bend them near the edges. The panels can be pained once the installing is done, make sure that the screws are not visible. Then you start noticing that the room is already enhanced. Now all that is needed is proper touching. This is really easy and will be done in really short time. Make sure floor is covered with any cloth so that the paint does not damage the flooring. Using sandpaper, start running near the edge so that a unique and finished look is obtained. Then add a primer coat to the tiles. Make sure to cover the gaps if any. Else it will be highlighted in the final coat. Then apply a silver coat this will enhance the look. Make sure the paint does not pool. Light coat must be applied. The primer will enhance the silver surface. Final coat must be properly applied and evenly applied.

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