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Celebrating The 125 Jubilee

The celebration will begin with a world tour in the beginning of the year, visiting over six continents as well as numerous concerts in Amsterdam. One of the main events will be a celebration of the joint anniversary with Concertgebouw on April 10th. However, the entire year will be filled with spectacular events and visitors from across the world coming to Amsterdam to celebrate this occasion.

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The jubilee concerts are the highlight of the anniversary and starting in January of 2013, there will be two concerts held each month. Each concert will focus on a specific decade and theme from the history of the Concertgebouw and feature some of the best and brightest talents with soloists such as soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek and Mark Wigglesworth. The final concert will take place in December with a large-scale project including dancers, singers, and actors in a spectacular final event.

The Star Jubilee held on April 10 is the main event, being on the eve of the official birthday. The Concertgebouw and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra will work together to orchestrate the event. Soilists such as Land Lang and Janine Jansen will join the event for a festive musical programme. Additionally, the proceeds of the event will be given to benefit the education programs held by the concert hall as well as the orchestra.

Visitors to the area can enjoy this main event as well as many of the other exhibitions and experiences happening at the same time. Be sure to visitor hte Concergebouw to enjoy a photo exhibition that displays the rich history of the music hall. This exhibition will be available the entire year and is an amazing exhibition of the royal receptions.

Another event on March 25 will include thousands of children from kindergartens across the Netherlands coming together to sing the works of annie Schmidt. This will take place in the Recital Hall as these children learn and then perform some beloved Dutch childrens songs. A few days prior to this event on the 21st, adults will also have the opportunity to take part in singing in the Main Hall. The Matthaus-Passion sing along concert is a highly-anticipated event.

One final highlight of the anniversary celebration is the Concertgebouw Magazine. In 2013, it will be published monthly and each feature will have a removable section with a highlight of decades and themes from the Concertgebouw history.

These are some of the top events and highlights from the 125 jubilee celebration. Whether visiting for a few days or a few weeks, use to find great accomodations and enjoy the trip. This celebration is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate the rich musical history of the Concertbebouw.

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