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All You Want to Know about Cell Phones and Smartphones

If you are confused by all the different kinds of phones, here’s the gist: the cellular phone and mobile phone are the same thing. A smartphone is another mobile phone but has more features and has an operating system than a cellular phone.

That’s the main difference between the two. What are Cell Phones? All mobile phones can receive and make calls over a radio link, and they work by hooking up to a cellular network courtesy of the mobile phone company.

All You Want to Know about Cell Phones and Smartphones

A cordless telephone can only be used with its base station’s range. Furthermore, mobile phones have other capabilities and services like photography, gaming, business applications, short-range wireless communication (infrared, Bluetooth), Internet access, email, MMS, text messaging and many more. When a cell phone offers most or all of these features and more, it is called a smartphone.

Common Components and Features All cell phones share some common features, but manufacturers provide additional products and functions to make them stand out. It’s because of stiff competition that the feature set has increased rapidly.

 However, all mobile phones have a battery to provide power for the device. There is also an input mechanism so you can interact with the phone. Most cellular phones use a keypad as the input mechanism, but smartphones often rely on touch screens.

Aside from texting and calling, every GSM phone can make use of SIM cards for swapping accounts among various services. If you are asking “what are cell phones” don’t be surprised if in your research they are referred to as “feature phones”. When a mobile phone is referred to as such, it means it only has basic features.

Some mobile phones are marketed towards specific niches; the BlackBerry is focused on the needs of corporate and enterprise email needs, while other phones have more multimedia features, cameras and other gadgets. All mobile phones have apps like a calendar, a clock and roaming. More about Smartphones to be classified as a smartphone, a device must have advanced features and an operating system.

The earliest models combined the features of a regular cell phone with those of a PDA. Later on, smartphones included GPS navigation units, pocket video cameras, digital cameras, and portable media players. Smartphones like the iPhone and those running Android have web browsers and high resolution touch screens.

They are also able to connect to Wi-Fi networks for high speed Internet access. The displays on smartphones used to be only 2 inches, but 4 inch and bigger displays are now available. The resolutions range from 240×320 to 720×1280, with the high end models offering higher resolutions and more vivid colors. These phones also have many applications and games built in, among the most popular being check in services like Gopala and Foursquare. The most advanced models allow you to watch TV and most have privacy protection tools. Since the earliest cell phones came out, numerous versions have appeared, and they are now considered essential for business and communications. Technological advances have made it possible to add more features to these devices, turning them into all-purpose gadgets that go beyond making and receiving calls.

Knowing what cell phones are is going to help you decide what to buy. By understanding what their basic features are, you won’t be confused when reading product reviews. Recognizing the difference between smartphones and cellular phones will also help you avoid mistakes or looking for a function that isn’t there.Matt is a freelance writer of many sites and he is one of many cell phones lovers.

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