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How to Change Your Basement into a Bedroom

If you have a basement and have been wondering what to do to decorate the space, an additional bedroom may be the answer. The project takes considerable planning and work, but can create another comfortable living space for you and your family. Turning your basement into a bedroom is also a great idea if you have a child who is entering his/her teenage years and no longer wants to share a bedroom with a younger sibling, or your family members come to visit often and you want to make sure they have a comfortable place to rest. Here are some of the steps to take during the basement remodeling that can make the process more efficient.

You’ll need to start by framing the walls in the new bedroom space. In most cases, you should create the frame with 2×4 wooden boards. Nailing the lumber together the manual way with nails and a hammer or use can use a nail gun to get the job done. After you assemble the wall frame, it’s time to attach drywall, and you’ll likely need to hire contractors to help you with this part of the process.

Change Your Basement into a Bedroom

After the walls are installed, it’s time to give the walls a fresh coat of paint. It’s best to apply a primer before applying the paint color to the walls, or to use two coats of paint to make sure the color shows up well and will stay on the wall for an extended period of time. A roller is best for painting on large areas, or you can use a paint brush when you want to add a different color to the crown molding or create a design for the accent wall.

Once the walls are done, it’s time for ceiling installation. If you have an unfinished basement, chances are there’s no real ceiling in the space, if so, you’ll see plumbing pipes and wiring on the ceiling and it needs to be covered for safety and aesthetic purposes. A drop ceiling is a practical way to accomplish this, and you’ll also need to track that will hold the tiles of the ceiling in place. You then drop the tiles in the right areas to make a ceiling that fits with your decorative goals. Of course, if you don’t have experience installing ceilings, you’ll need to work with professional buildings to accomplish this task. You can also add elaborate wall stickers that glow in the dark to the ceiling, which adds a relaxing element to the bedroom when it’s time to go to sleep.

Finally, put the flooring and lighting in place. Lighting and flooring are an important part of the bedroom space as well. Overhead lighting, recessed lighting or track lighting are options, so you’ll need to choose the lighting that works best for the space. If you’re using the basement bedroom as a master bedroom, dim lighting that creates a serene and romantic space may be ideal. Brighter lighting that is installed overhead is usually best if your parents or grandparents will be occupying the room often. Vinyl and tile are popular choices for flooring, especially if you live in a warm area. If you want the flooring to be softer and more comfortable, talk to a contractor about getting quality carpeting in the bedroom space.

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