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Charming Decor for Cheapskates

DIY has always had a reputation of looking quite, well…shabby. After all you are only ever given so much. And when you are being particularly thrifty, you can’t exactly afford all the luxurious sparkly materials and go along with only the ones at hand or are so shamefully cheap, you wonder why it has been tagged with a price in the first place. Often you would wish that, along with the sense of pride and accomplishment you feel when you behold the finished albeit sorry looking fruit of your efforts that it was also lovely to look at. Especially when it is for the holidays, where it would help very much if your decorations looked pretty regardless of where they came from and how they came to be.

Home Decorating Ideas

So here are some handy DIY decorations that are sure to make both you and your pocket go squeal with glee:

Cutout sweater shapes

Everybody has that old sweater nobody dares use. Perhaps out of sheer horror, or how it does not flatter your body type very much, or it isn’t really your color. Or you find the patterns outlandish and nauseating.

Well it will finally be put to use. And you will get to cut it to pieces, to your satisfaction.

First, you think of what shapes you want such as hearts, stars, circles or if you have a way to cut little moose out of them then good for you. Put buttons and pins if preferred.

When finished with your shapes, with a needle and thread, sew in a loop of string of a small hook to hang them by, wherever you so please. You will now have more space in your sweater drawer, and your horrendous ex-sweater will at last be pleasant to look at.

Yarn wrapped trees

Or rather, yarn wrapped anything. If you would like little conical yarn wrapped trees all around your tables and surfaces, what you should do is take apart a cereal box or anything cardboard, cut out triangle shapes, large enough so that you may roll them into cones later, and simply glue on the yarn.

But it takes a little more finesse on that. When done with the cones, glue them lightly to a surface.

Glue one end of the yarn at the bottom and carefully wrap the yarn around until you get to the top. The yarn should never overlap, so as to achieve that neat look. Keep doing this with different sized cones; you will be surprised that when you put them all together they will look like a little forest wrapped in yarn.

So now, come to think of it, you can wrap anything in yarn. Old baubles, old stars, old decorations, and all with the same method! Use yarn in colors that make you happy. You can put little buttons and pins on there too.

The Clothespin Wreath

For this you would need as many clothespins in the same size possible. They should also be of similar colors (red or more preferably green), however one cannot trust others’ opinions about pairing the rest of the colors in the spectrum.

With a wire, bend into a circle. If you do not have access to such wires, you could cut out a circle from a piece of cardboard, the edges thick enough to accommodate the bite of the clothespins. Then all you need to do is clamp on those clothespins in there securely. Then wrap it up with a pretty and festive ribbon.

And now, you can also pin cards and photographs on there! Happy Holiday decorating!

Joel Chang spends most of his time crafting home decors at home and wakeboarding during the weekend. Aside from his interesting and extreme hobbies, Joel works at Jaf Gifts as the marketing manager.

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