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Why Choose Clear Toughened Glass for your Business?

When you are equipping an office or upgrading your home, you may have the chance to replace or update the glass, or install completely new glass to suit your design. If you do, then you should consider clear toughened glass from Express Toughening, as its combination of attributes makes it ideal for a range of uses.

For example, clear toughened glass is perfect for use inpartitionsor balustrade barriers, providing protection without compromising on light or visibility. Fully transparent, clear tempered glass from Express Toughening has been tempered to place the exterior of the glass under compression, while the interior is under tension. This differential strain within the material of the glass makes it much, much stronger than ordinary glass (also known asannealed glass) – capable of resisting up to four times as much force as ordinary glass can.

Clear Toughened Glass for your Business

In addition to this, the way clear toughened glass is tempered means that if it does break, it will shatter into small, rounded-edged pieces which are almost entirely harmless, instead of the sharp, jagged fragments typically seen in annealed glass breakages.

Despite these advances in safety and durability, clear tempered glass still sports the same transparency and clarity of ordinary glass, making it suitable for use in windows and glass doors, as well as in various furniture items and fixtures, like oven doors or even toughened glass stairs!

Clear tempered glass is also much more thermally resistant than annealed glass, with a greater tolerance for temperature change, extremes of temperature in either heat or cold, and thermal shock. This makes it ideal for use in exterior windows, oven doors, kitchen splashbacks, food service glass and other functions which may expose it to changing temperatures.

Within the business, clear toughened glass can provide stylishpartitionsfor different areas, glass doors for a modern aesthetic that don’t block natural light and create a lighter, breezier office, and furniture items to add to the clean, modern look of your business. Tough, hard-wearing and easy to clean, clear toughened glass is the perfect solution for your business needs!

Whether you need to find a clear tempered glass solution for your home, business or industrial application, Express Toughening can help you. With years of experience in tempering and working with toughened glass, the clear glass from this industry-leading manufacturer and specialist is the gold standard in strong, safe and clear tempered glass.

To enquire about how clear toughened glass can help you or to request a free quote, get in touch with Express Toughening today by calling their head office on 02085001188 or visiting their website, linked above. The staff at Express Toughening are experts in toughened glass, and they will be happy to help you find the perfect solution to your needs. Get in touch today!

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