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How to choose the exterior door?

 It would seems, what is the difference between the entry door for the house or for the apartment? It turns out there is such a difference, and it should always be considered when buying! The main difference between exterior doors for apartments and houses is in their finishing.

 The so-called, entry door is constantly exposed to sunlight, humidity, temperature changes. In order to the surface is not burned in the sun, is not cracked, is not dried, the finishing materials should be selected correctly.

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Finishing of the exterior doors: What hides the appearance? There are three main options for the finishing of the exterior doors, and each of them has its pros and cons.Painting of the metal surfaces with the special hammer paint Painted with the hammer paint surface of the exterior door is baked in a special oven.

This hardening makes the finishing invulnerable to any atmospheric phenomena over the years: there are no paint bulges, it is not exfoliate, is not crack, is not change color during any frost and under the hot sun. Such popular version of the exterior doors can be called “quick, profitable, and convenient.” The disadvantage of such type is only one – the door looks unsightly, so it will look great in the garage or warehouse, but for the entry door of the cottage or the house it is not suitable.

Finishing with the help of the oak or ashen wooden plates the door of the faultless appearance and superior quality can be made only of the precious wood. The ideal natural properties of the ash-tree and oak and the professional handling of solid wood, drying, impregnation with special oils and varnish, ensures the long service of the exterior doors in Toronto for many years.

The construction of the exterior doors in Toronto Finishing of the door is a very important part of it. But equally important is what is inside, because the entry door of the house is not just aesthetics, but, first and foremost, it is the protection of the house. Thus, we consider the optimal design of the front door. The first – is the basis or the metal frame.

6 stiffeners, 2 vertical and 4 horizontal create a strong reliable protection against the unauthorized intrusion. Heat and soundproof material will retain heat and will protect the house from the street noise. The metal sheet thickness should be of 1-2mm. (Choice of thickness of the sheet is negotiated with the customer). A lot of people ask, why only one steel sheet? Two sheets are simply not needed.

The second steel sheet only increases the weight and cost of the construction of the door. Too heavy door may sag, and that affects to the operation of locking systems. The average weight of the door should be from 90 to 120 kg maximum.

Antonia Hale, the specialist in the questions of the installation and production of the exterior doors Toronto is telling about the finishing of the entry door and provides tips on how to choose the best door for your home.TH Window Replacement, Vinyl Windows, Door Installation60 Pleasant Boulevard

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