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Choosing a New Bath

It’s a sad day. We have made the decision. We are getting a new bath. “Sad? Why I here you say?” I guess I am sentimental but we bathed our two kids in that old bath and there are a lot of happy memories attached. But, it has had its day and it is time to get a new one to complement the bathroom.

We have been upgrading the bathroom in a patchwork process. We haven’t had the money or the inclination to suffer a complete refit all at once. I saw my brother have it done and the hassle it caused even before he had kids. The mess, the expense and the old suite sat outside his house for four weeks until the plumber came back to take it away as arranged (finally). We have done the cabinets; we have new basins and toilet. Now we are on to the bath.

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Looking around I have been amazed at the options. I thought a bath was a bath, but there are some pretty innovative products out on the market. Here is some of what I have found out:

  • There are systems with whirlpools that jet the bather from the sides and can provide an invigorating massage
  • There are wave baths with air nozzles that force bubbles in an upward motion from the base.
  • There are hydro baths with both whirlpool and jets. These can provide a full body massage. Who needs the spa?

Some of the considerations when choosing bath are the material, the quality and the shape. Here is the lowdown on the three.

  • Most baths are now made of acrylic or glass reinforced plastic. They are lighter and more convenient than ceramic or cast iron baths from the past. One of the latter may compliment your bathroom better though. They are normally positioned in a frame to avoid distortion due to the weight of the water
  • Some baths that are designed for showering have a stronger bottom, so they don’t crack from your weight all in one place
  • The quality is normally dictated by the thickness of the bath material. Thinner baths can sag and creak. 6mm is the minimum for a good quality modern bath. Cast iron baths can be cold and lower the water temperature. They are often expensive and high quality though
  • Bath shapes come either as corner fitting, circular, one-person or two-person. The shape will to a certain extent be dictated by the size of your bathroom. If you are choosing one of the super duper innovative baths you may want a circular or non-conventional shape to make it a feature of the bathroom.

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I am excited about choosing the bath. Of course, I am upset to see the old one go. But with the budget we have we can get something a bit special. I’d love to hear about the fancy and innovative baths other people have, or are looking at. What should I by looking at? And have I missed anything that I should be considering?

Phil Turner chose his bath from Balterley Bathrooms. He was impressed by how fair their prices were, even for good quality baths. Click here to check them out yourself.

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