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Cleaning Tips Before Moving To New Apartment

Moving in itself is a seemingly arduous task, but the mess it creates before and after is equally distressing. There are things that need to be wrapped, packed and then unpacked. The mess that lies around can create a lot of discomfiture.

Time is another factor, in fact, the biggest factor that is involved while moving. So you generally want the cleaning done faster, which would mean that you get to settle down faster. To make the cleaning faster keep good cleaning kit with you and take a clue from these tips.

Full Cleaning Kit Should Include

1. A clean duster – There should be two or three set of clean, non-dust cleaners. Replace dusters immediately once they become dust laden, otherwise you’ll be adding more dirt than cleaning the surface. You must also stock some microfiber clothes that have tightly woven patterns. They capture dust and grime with ease from electronic gadgets. It is essential to clean gadgets before they are packed for move so that they are ready to be installed upon unpacking.

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2. Good Sponges – Both regular sponges and sponge erasers are handy when you want to give a soft scrub to delicate surfaces. For more intense and rigid stains you can use metallic scrubbers, but do that only on scratch proof surfaces. Try to use cleaning solution with soft sponges in most cases.

3. Brushes – For minute dust cleaning you may repurpose an old brush. For more farfetched scrubbing get soft brushes with longer and adjustable handles. This will help you clean all the unreachable corners and especially those cobwebs.

4. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – The easily hidden and unreachable nooks in house can be difficult to clean. The furniture and other items get dust especially more after you move. Whilst using a bigger vacuum cleaner is not feasible, a handheld vacuum cleaner would be an easy option. It is portable and can be taken anywhere to give a nice sweep to anything.

5. Handheld Steamer – The hot water will shoot a blast of steam that will eradicate sticky, pesky grime out of any surface. From hygiene levels, a steamed surface offers instant sanitation, but only on prolonged exposure. While cleaning those kitchen countertops a steam blast would render it completely clean from germs and bacteria. They ease out any extra effort that is needed for scrubbing a surface. Handheld steamers are portable and you even make you bathroom hygienically clean with it.

After you are done with cleaning kit is ready, next you would require tips for cleaning. Enlisted below are few time saving cleaning tips while you are moving.

1. Getting apartment renovated and refurbished before moving is also not a problem. You can always use secure self storage services to temporarily keep household items before moving in.

2. Go stepwise, starting from the most important part of your house. In most cases it would be kitchen. A tidy clean kitchen is great way to start your life at new place. Proceed by cleaning one room at a time.

3. While cleaning your new home have a handy multi pocket apron. This will help you pocket many utilities so that you don’t have to run about the entire place.

4. Have a full cleaning kit as mentioned above and utilize them accordingly.

5. Go for dry dusting i.e. (sweeping, vacuuming and dusting) followed by liquid dusting. Floor cleaning should be done in the end.

6. When soap and wax is used sparingly you can clean any surface sparkling and shiny.

7. Use stepladder to clean higher surfaces and sit down to clean lower surfaces.

8. Take occasional breaks in between cleaning

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