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Cool Carport Ideas That Fit Modern Homes

Though previously considered as a simple shelter for your vehicle, a carport is now known to be one of the things that add style to your homes.

Unlike the flat face of your garage door, a carport is aesthetically more pleasing and inviting. You can even change the design more often as you desire. Since it’s detached from your house, you have one less thing to worry about. Just let your wild ideas flow. For some inspiration, check the Sheds in Tasmania as they have sample carport projects that you might like.

Here are some cool carport ideas for your modern homes:

Fit Modern Homes

  1. The Solar Carport

The unique solar carport is multi-purpose. Aside from protecting your car from rain, snow, and heat, it also provides power. It’s a brilliant, eco-friendly, and sustainable structure. As of today, this kind of carport is built by commercial establishments. But since the solar panels are becoming more and more affordable, people like you can afford to have them. Isn’t it cool?

  1. The Shipping Container Carport and Storage

If you breathe quirkiness, you will surely love this extraordinary shipping container carport. It’s a shipping container upcycled as a carport. It can serve as shelter for your vehicles at the same time provide extra storage space for your belongings. People will marvel at the idea, and you will surely get the attention.

  1. The Remote Stealth Cabin

Designed by Architect/Designer William Edward Summers, this carport is a sight to behold. It’s an ideal carport for your modern vacation homes that are near a forest or a field.

The Remote Stealth Cabin houses your cars and serves as your cabin. In the revised design, the stairway has been replaced by a ladder. The door is positioned under a gable end with locks. If you are the type of person who occasionally wants some privacy, this carport is for you. No one will expect you’re there.

  1. 26 ft x 26 ft Carport

If you have a huge carport, you can do a lot of things in it. You can park several cars, add some tables and couch, hold a gathering – the possibilities are endless. This simple yet spacious carport is highly convertible into something else. This makes it amazing.

  1. Wave Carport

The wave carport is simple yet striking. The frame and roof were made to withstand harsh weather conditions. It also blocks harmful UV rays and provides enough shade for your car.

This is ideal for a well-secured modern house. You can place it in front or beside your home. The good thing is that it doesn’t look like a carport. It is elegant, stunning, and durable. It also perfectly fits an outdoor structure that serves a good purpose.


Those are just some of the many carport designs you can get inspiration from. You can follow these designs minutely or make alterations according to your liking. The sky’s the limit. Just be sure it is something that really serves its purpose. More than the aesthetics, the purpose should be the primary factor to consider when designing your dream carport.

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