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Creating a Festive Look for your Home

Decorating your house is probably the best way to feel festive during the Christmas season. Some people take their decoration schemes to extreme lengths, but it often doesn’t take much to get you in the Christmas spirit. The tips below are designed to provide you with some inspiration so that you are able to make the most of your own decorations this year.

Christmas Tree

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1) The Right Tree
Picking the best Christmas tree and decorating it to perfection is one of the mainstays of a truly festive house. The biggest mistake is to overload your tree. Some subtly placed baubles and a few lights glimmering delicately are often all you need, but if you do feel the need to add some tinsel, make sure to do it sparingly and in some sort of pattern to complement the rest of your decorations. White trees are becoming more popular to bring that festive look to your home, so if you have a predominantly white décor scheme, why not try out a white tree to complete the look?

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2) Candles
The sweet aroma of cinnamon and brandy pudding wafting throughout your home is the surest sign of the approach of Christmas. Having a set of well decorated candles burning in your hallway lets visitors see that the Christmas spirit has come to your home this holiday time, and gives them a refreshing burst of the scent of the season when you open your door to them. The cosy glow of a flickering candle is also a perfect way to brighten up the darkening nights, and keep spirits high as Christmas day approaches.

luxury sofa set design

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3) Your Sofa
The sofa is a key element in your Christmas design scheme, but is often overlooked during the decorating process. A neglected sofa can stick out like a sore thumb, but a sofa given the attention it deserves will become a feature of your festivities. A huge variety of cushion covers are available to give your cushions a festive appeal. Maybe you would like a throw to make your sofa both comfy and festive. It is important not to overload your sofa with decoration, however, but some light work can really add maximum appeal to your sofa this Christmas.

Nativity Scene
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4) Nativity Scene
If you want a way to keep your children occupied while you are busy cooking dinner or putting up decorations, giving them a task of constructing a nativity scene can be a great way to keep them occupied for a few hours. Whether you want to stick with characters printed from the internet and glued to cardboard tubes, or you would like something a little more elaborate, a nativity scene is a great way to proclaim that Christmas has come to your home, and to get the kids in on the festive spirit as well.

oranges with cloves

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5) Oranges With Cloves
A fruit bowl is a key part of many kitchens, but have you ever thought about a way to make your fruit bowl more festive? Grab some large oranges and jar of whole cloves. Press the cloves into the orange skin, making sure to leave the head of the clove protruding out a little. This small touch will make your kitchen look all the more festive, as well as generate the gorgeous smell of Christmas.

Festive tablecloth

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6) Festive Tablecloth
Picking up a Christmas themed tablecloth may sound tacky, but just the right one can really inject a bit of the festive spirit into your kitchen or dining room. If you are going for a sophisticated look, steer clear of Rudolph or Santa on your tablecloth. Instead, why not go for a snowflake mesh tablecloth to complete your design? It’s sure to get your guests in the mood for Christmas as they are sitting down to dinner.

With the handy ideas shown above, you should be in a great position to make your home even more festive in anticipation for Christmas. With a few simple tips you will have your home converted into a winter wonderland in no time.

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