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Defining Luxury: What Is a Luxury Home?

Luxury can be a very subjective term. Merriam Webster defines it as “something adding pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary.” By this definition, luxury cannot simply be defined by price. But in the real estate market, this can be one of the primary factors. Most people would agree that a $1 million home is a luxury. But when you look at markets like San Francisco where more than half the homes hit this price point, it become very relative. In other words, in places like this, not every million-dollar home is a luxury property. Here are some of the main considerations agents use to distinguish a luxury home from an average property.


The trends today lean toward smart homes. And a luxury home would be lax if it didn’t include some of these features. A smart home is a “convenient home setup where appliances and devices can be automatically controlled remotely from any internet-connected place in the world using a mobile or other networked device.” This might include security systems, lighting, entertainment systems, and thermostats. But a luxury home will also have technologically-advanced appliances and other features, such as a smart refrigerator or sensored toilets.

Luxurious kitchens

A kitchen can make or break a home. And it is probably the main room where luxury is defined in a house. This is because there is more room for innovation, technology, and bonus features in the kitchen. For example, luxury kitchens feature top-quality materials, such as marble and granite countertops. You might also see crown molding, turned cabinet or island legs, and high-quality flooring. That’s not to say you can’t fake a luxury look quite well with laminates and alternate materials. But a true luxury kitchen doesn’t skimp on the details.

Luxurious bathrooms

Right behind the kitchen is the bathroom in terms of the rooms home buyers desire luxury in. When luxury homeowners embarks on bathroom remodeling projects, they look for some of the same quality materials found in the kitchen. This might include marble and hardwood surfaces. But they also look for grand and unique showers and baths. An example might include a large, uniquely designed walk-in shower. The luxury bathroom might also include other frivolous amenities such as self-flushing toilets, waterfall sinks, or bidets.

Luxurious exteriors

There is no one exterior material that is considered luxurious by definition. It’s a very subjective personal choice. Some people prefer brick exteriors while some prefer siding or other materials. What does set luxurious exteriors apart, however, is how well they are maintained. Most luxurious homes have pristine surfaces, immaculate surroundings, and perfectly-manicured lawns. Someone might hire a vinyl siding installer to replace their rough or outdated exterior to ensure their home exhibits the same quality outside as it does on the inside. Or they may hire a landscape artist to plan a beautiful oasis to give their home a luxurious curb appeal.

Bonus Features

The important thing to remember is that luxury homes have features that other homes do not. Good examples of such features would be extras such as water fountains or swimming pools on the grounds. Or you might see butlers’ pantries in the kitchens. They might also contain added rooms, such as home theaters or maids’ quarters. It’s also common to define luxury in terms of size. In other words, to some, a luxury home might need to be more than 4,000 square feet or be located on no less than 2 acres. In other words what you consider a luxury home might be ordinary to someone else. It is all in how the individual views it.

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