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What Determines the Cost of Steel Buildings?

Steel buildings seem to be the rage these days. In the past, these structures were used either as barns or factories; at present, they are used for commercial and residential occupancies, as well as for educational and medical purposes.

If you are interested to have a steel building of your own, you are probably wondering how much you need to spend for it. Read on to learn the factors that determine the cost of steel buildings.

The form of steel building you purchase

Steel buildings are sold in two forms. The first one is as a pre-engineered steel structure: you purchase the building as a whole but what will be transported to the site are the individual parts. These include (but are not limited to) nuts, bolts, beams, purlins, girts, siding and sheet metal. The parts will be assembled on-site and the structure will be erected by professional contractors. The second one is as a kit, which includes the parts needed to construct the building; the buyer may bring the kit home himself or have it transported or delivered to the building site.

The key difference is that pre-engineered steel structures require the services of professional builders, while kits can be assembled and erected by the buyer or with the help of just a few people. The former is usually made more expensive by the labour involved. It is important to note that those who purchase pre-engineered steel buildings get these for purposes other than additional storage at home, and that the building process is usually more complicated.

The parts included in a steel building can also drive the price up. A simple kit with a few key parts is definitely cheaper than the pre-engineered variety that come with additional components.

Steel Buildings

The type of building

Another thing that dictates steel buildings prices is the type of structure, which takes into consideration the design and make. Naturally, smaller steel structures cost less than bigger ones because they make use of less materials and their installation is not too labour-intensive. Consequently, structures which are simple in design are less expensive. For instance, a single-storey steel warehouse—that which consists of just a large open space under one roof is cheaper than a multi-storey commercial steel building. This is because the latter will have a more complex design, that which demands specific techniques and high level of expertise to build. If you intend to use a steel building just for your home, either as a garage or a storage facility, know that you need not spend a fortune. These are simple structures and thus, require less materials and expertise.

The quality of material used

Steel is essentially a high quality product, but certain treatments can further improve the quality of the metal. One treatment that makes steel better is galvanization, a process that covers the steel in layers of zinc oxide. Zinc oxide does not rust easily, and thus helps protect steel from corrosion. This process is advantageous for almost all steel products, but it can cause a hike in steel prices.

It is a good idea to spend more on high quality steel to get more out of your investment. Remember that you will get what you pay for. High quality steel will last you a long time, so don’t hesitate to splurge if you can afford it. It also helps to research about the current prices of steel, so you can compare steel building prices better.

The foundation for the building

There are some factors that drive up the price of steel buildings, and yet these do not have anything to do with the actual steel structure. One of these is the concrete for the foundation. If you are going to build a steel structure, you need to have something to build that structure upon and that will cost you money. All buildings, regardless if they are made of steel or not, need a foundation; in the case of steel structures, the foundation needed is that of concrete. The measurement of the concrete foundation will depend on the size of the structure you will be building. Hence, you will need more concrete for a bigger structure.

Site preparation

Know that you cannot build a steel building just about anywhere. You need to know beforehand if you are permitted to erect a structure in the place you have chosen. In order for you to know this, you need to contact your local authorities and obtain the necessary permits. Building codes, which differ from one place to another, can either increase or decrease the amount you need to spend.

Jessie Moore is the author of the above article. She is a full-time writer and is currently a contributor for Steel Buildings UK.

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