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Different Types of Leather Iphone Cases

Protect your Iphone 5

The iPhone 5 looks pretty snazzy all on its own – the only problem is it needs a little extra protection. You also want to make sure to personalize it a little to help distinguish yours from the millions of other iPhone 5s out there. The last thing you want is someone to pick your phone up by accident and walk away with it.

Marware C.E.O. Prestige Plus

The Marware C.E.O. Prestige Plus is a case that dresses your phone to look more like a business case than a phone. It provides convenience as well as protection with a durable holster, all made of genuine leather.
There’s a free clear microshell that goes over the phone for added protection before placing it into its sleek leather case. This will help to protect the screen as well as the back to avoid any kind of scratches when it’s not in its leather protection device.
A scratch-resistant microfiber lines the case to avoid scratches. The case also covers 98% of the iPhone 5. There’s a built-in belt clip to keep the phone attached to you at all times and a push-through on the bottom to make it quick and easy to get the phone out of the case.
The case also features a magnet close to keep the phone securely inside until you’re ready to remove it. Marware has created this for a classy look. Whether you’re a business professional or not, you will appreciate the fact that this is so much more than just a phone case.
Online case stores feature a lot of different leather cases for iPhone 5. Whether you need one that offers scratch resistant properties or shock absorption, you can find it from their inventory. With free shipping on many purchases and same day processing, you can also get the case you need quickly to avoid it going unprotected for too long.

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Piel Frama Iphone 5 Leather Case

You may also want to look into the Piel Frama iPhone 5 leather case. You can choose from a variety of colors and leather styles. This includes plain leathers in such colors as pink and green as well as crocodile and ostrich patterns. All of the leather is handcrafted in Spain.
The iPhone 5 sits securely in the case with ABS inserted protection as well as a soft leather lining. There is also magnetic closure and an optional swivel belt clip that is included. To ensure you don’t have to carry anything else with you, two credit card slots and a money pocket are also incorporated into the case.

Piel Frama has thought of everything with this phone case. It’s a little pricy but when you’re looking for luxury within your phone case, this is what you will want to use for protection.
Check out the various leather cases available to see which one works for you. All of the cases will offer some form of protection. You must decide how much protection you need and what your phone should look like once it is tucked away inside one of the leather cases.

You can find many online stores that carry a variety of leather phone cases for the iPhone 5. Jonathon Blocker can is knowledgable about choosing the right leather cases for iPhone 5.

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