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Domestic Holidays Back on the Agenda Nowadays

In recent years there have been concerns about the cost of air travel, partly because of the increasing price of aviation fuel. Even the budget airlines, so beloved of bargain hunters in all parts of the world, have struggled to keep their fares low, and in truth have been coming up with innovative ways of clawing back revenue from items like refreshments and luggage allowances. With no sign of any reduction in prices for the coming year, there is likely to be a rise in the number of people who go without their annual vacation in the next twelve months.

This is perfectly understandable, of course, because the effects of the worldwide recession are still being felt in a great many countries. Even if a consumer is able to find a great deal on the cost of the flights, it may not be so easy to do the same with accommodation options. Either way, an overseas holiday represents a major expense, especially for families with young children, so if it’s possible to forego the experience they can save a small fortune. And in the current fiscal climate that has to be a major incentive for those who are on a budget.

UK holidays are popular with families

The need to let off steam

Having said that, an annual vacation allows parents and children an opportunity to let off a little steam, and to recharge their batteries after what might well have been a difficult year. Most of us seem to lead such stressful existences nowadays, and are on the go from first thing on a Monday morning to last thing on a Sunday night. If there’s a chance to get away for some rest and relaxation under a warm sun and a blue sky, it needs to be considered.

For some people, the answer lies in taking a holiday in their own countries. Transporting a family of four, for example, in a car to a seaside resort a couple of hundred miles away will be far less expensive than four return flights to a sunnier clime. Although a domestic vacation doesn’t have the wow factor that comes from visiting a strange and exotic country, financial needs sometimes have to come first.

Many people are staying in their own countries now, and are discovering a delightful sense of nostalgia because of it. In a number of cases, adults are returning to the holiday destinations of their childhood, back in a time when foreign travel wasn’t an automatic annual event. Although the domestic vacation may not become a permanent annual occurrence, it represents a sensible option while the after-effects of the recession are still with us.

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