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Effective Business Writing: Top Principles and Techniques

All business content writing jobs are based on certain principles and techniques which ultimately determine their quality, value and success. Any conscientious business content writer would, therefore, do well to remember the following top principles and techniques to make a grand success of his job:

Effective Business Writing

The Job’s Purpose:

Once you are able to determine the purpose, you will get the right direction and path which are of prime importance. Business content writers first need to set the style, tone and structure of what they are communicating. After all, this happens to be your message as also your mission. When you define your purpose, you also automatically write the appropriate language in a professional and easily comprehensible manner, which in turn, interests and excites your reader. The purpose, therefore, should be to inform, argue, persuade, confirm information, make necessary inquiries if necessary, approve or reject and/or suggest and propose.

Your Audience(Reader) is King:

For all business content writers, their reader is the king and ultimate decider of the communication’s success. Thus, before making a positive impact on the reader, try and study his psychographics. That in other words, is to know his temperament beforehand so that you can write exactly what he expects. Thus, avoiding religious or sensitive cultural issues that cause irritation or embarrassment are best advised. For instance, external business content writing jobs, particularly to companies, should involve prior realization and understanding of the company’s mission, vision, its goals and accomplishments. Studying the company’s website, press releases  and public documents, prior to communicating would ensure success. On the other hand, communication to individuals should ideally be based on prior knowledge of their preferences, tastes, problems and requirements. This would make your communiqué more interesting, readable and memorable.

Language & Grammar: The Pillars of Effective Business Content Writing Jobs

In effective and successful business content writing jobs, the use of correct grammar and language have the most crucial role to play. It may even be said that language and grammar share a symbiotic relationship and each complements the other in every sentence. Bad or weak grammar and the wrong language inevitable kill good communications and research shows that a business content writer who makes fewer grammatical mistakes tends to be perfect also on other jobs that are completely unrelated to business writing. They care more about details and firmly believe in the principle that correct language usage echoes the right culture, competence and flexibility to change and development.

Overall Structure:

The strength of the communique’s overall structure depends on the following factors:

Avoidance of general and complex nouns as also wordy lines and unnecessary jargon.

More use of nouns instead of verbs

Avoidance of fancy terms and use of simple ones instead: For example “Use” instead of “utilize”.

More use of active voice in place of passive voice. It makes the communication more powerful and assertive.

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