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Enjoy Your Time With These Movie Apps!

Most of us are caught in a frenzied spiral of a fast running life. There are so many times that we even miss out on watching the movies which had been waiting for since months. Sometimes it’s the non-availability of tickets for a preferred or we just can’t spare time to watch at its release period. This is where movie apps can enhance our smartphone experience as well as our life. Don’t leave your home without downloading these movie apps elevate your movie watching experience:

  • Bookmyshow
  • It’s hard to believe if you are a movie fanatic and don’t own this app. Bookmyshow has made goodbye to the problem of travelling to movie ticket counters, waiting in a long queue and then fighting for your favourite seats. Just download the Bookmyshow app and book tickets for your movie anytime and anywhere. You can also book tickets for concerts, plays and sports. And don’t forget to avail Bookmyshow coupons present on to lower down your movie expenses. Many popular cinemas are listed with them which will simplify your job for booking.


  • IMDb
  • Do you want access to reviews of just any movie so that you can decide whether or not to watch a particular one? Then, IMDb is one app you must have in your smart phone. It has over 2 million movies, TV titles and over 4 million actors, actresses, celebrities, directors and other crew members which means you can search from over a large data base and satisfy your appetite for entertainment. You can read reviews of the members here, watch trailers of the newly released movies and even view their top lists to find the best genre of movies for your taste. And if you just watched a heart-warming movie and want to recommend it to others, you too can post your view here.


  • ExtraTV
  • If Hollywood gossip is what gets your heart beating, then Extra TV can be your new gossip friend. ExtraTV app provides you with inside scoop on your favourite celebs in detail. You can know how their days looks like, the tantrums they throw, about what people who work with them are saying about them, breaking news, exclusive interviews and photographs. Just ensure that you have a lot of time in your hands because this app is really addictive.


  • Netflix
  • If you are ready to a pay monthly subscription charges for watching movies from the comfort of anywhere, then say hello to Netflix! No need to book movie tickets online on days when you just don’t have the energy to go out in traffic and watch a movie. With Netflix, you can watch the latest movies anytime you want. Netflix app is known as a premium subscription service for watching movies and TV episodes on your smartphone. You can easily search for titles here and find your favourite movie listed here instantly.


  • Spuul
  • Spuul is especially for Indian movie buffs. And even for the ones who end up missing their favourite shows and have to search for links on net high and low to watch them when they have time. You can watch movies here without even sign-in! Just so you know, it also has a premium plan. With it, you can watch shows and movies without any streaming and advertisements. In case you just first want to find out as to how the premium plan actually works, you can even try their free 7 day trial.


So, stop waiting for weekends to watch your favourite movie!

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