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Europe’s First Music and Lifestyle nHow Berlin Hotel Reviews

This Berlin hotel is bound hitting the correct note for its aspiring guests. Europe’s 1st ‘music and lifestyle’ hotel, the 300-room nhow Berlin could be a artistic fusion of zany, vibrant interiors and state-of-the-art studios where musicians will work, rest and play.

Mirror Covered Cantilever

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Towering near the River Spree into the heart from the city’s inventive district, it is the building’s spectacular mirror-covered cantilever, otherwise known as the ‘Sound Floor,’ that can take center stage. It’s the location to find not only one however 2 recording and mixing galleries, a seem booth for setting up vocals, mixing desk, and publish-production equipment and experience for film and video editing.

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Exterior That Stands Out

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It’s all adds up to a significant little bit of multimedia kit and what musician wouldn’t take artistic inspiration from the accompanying views across the town as they muse their latest combine. There’s even a 250 sq-ft isolated suite next to the studios, providing the proper chill-out non-public zone where each the famous and therefore the fame-hungry will practise while not worry of disturbing – or being disturbed by – alternative hotel guests.

nhow berlin reviews

Delightfully Vivacious Interior

Designed by architects NPS Tchoban Voss, creativity pulses through its terribly core. the outside already stands out because of the higher floor, while the inside is an nearly other-worldly expertise – vast, vivid and delightfully vivacious because of the planning skills of Karim Rashid – providing nevertheless a lot of inspiration for guests.

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Public areas will be reworked into makeshift studios on the spot, gigs will be hosted on the terraces – it’s all dancing to an equivalent inventive beat.

But maybe the foremost sure-fire hit for travellers, performers and patrons is that the indisputable fact that here, something goes. Gripped by the sudden urge to belt out a tune or two? No downside sir. area service very are music to your ears as a result of they’ll even bring you your terribly own Gibson guitar to strum together with your supper.

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Is nHow Berlin Hitting The Right Notes?

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If you’ve ever yearned for fame and living the rockstar lifestyle, the nhow Berlin is unquestionably value looking for.

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