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Expat in Bangkok? Get Started with the Basics

If you have just moved out to Bangkok as an expat and aren’t sure where to get started with your new life, we have put together a very brief quick-fire list to serve as a reference point. It can be quite intimidating moving to a completely alien city and trying to settle in, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. The sooner you take care of the basics and get yourself sorted out, you will find yourself feeling a lot more comfortable and ready to start adjusting to life in a completely new city. This is especially important if you are moving out here for the long-term.

Expat in Bangkok

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Here are five things to get sorted just before you move and upon arrival.

#1: Sell Everything

You can’t take all your possessions with you, so downsize and start selling everything which you no longer need. This surplus of money can be a godsend and will help you get a basic start to your new life in Bangkok. After all, you’ll need to buy furniture and other amenities once you arrive and you may have limited funds.

#2: Be Debt-Free

Rid yourself of debts from credit cards, student loans, car payments or anything else you have. Why? Because they’ll hang over your head for the entire time and if you ever want to move back home you will probably find them waiting for you. This is fine if you’ve been paying them while you’re away, but if you haven’t then you could be in trouble. It’s easy to lose track of debt as an expat so it’s best not to have any.

#3: A Place to Live

If you have moved out here and haven’t yet got a place to live, you are not the first person to do this. You might be surprised by just how many people come out to Thailand and couch surf until they’ve found a place to live permanently. You can check out some real estate listings here, as many landlords happily take on expats if they are staying for a while.

#4:  Fixtures and Fittings

If you have found yourself in an unfurnished apartment, or one that only has the basics, then you’ll need to invest in some simple furniture to make the place homelier. There are many furniture stores in Bangkok and you won’t have trouble finding cheap and cheerful things to make your space feel like it’s truly yours.

#5: Explore Bangkok

It’s your new home, so start to get to know it! The worst thing you can do, especially within your first few weeks, is be a recluse. Once you’ve gotten yourself settled in your home, start going out and seeing the city for what it is. If you are working for a Thai company, then this is a great opportunity to break the ice with your co-workers and get to know them – many will jump at the opportunity to show you around the city and help you get acquainted.

Sometimes it pays off taking a leap of faith but it always goes that much smoother with a little preparation beforehand.

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