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What to Expect from the Building Inspections Process

If you’re buying a home and have decided that a building inspection is the right move to protect your investment, you may be wondering what exactly happens by way of procedure.

Thankfully, building inspections are extremely straightforward, and are rather uneventful, unless you’re unfortunate enough to need substantial repairs. Though, even then, at least you’re aware of any defects present.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have house inspections, and are all the better off for it. Here is what you can expect from yours.

Contacting The Inspection Company

Home inspection companies do inspections for a living. They are trained to be people friendly and are highly efficient at what they do. This means you have very little to worry about when getting in touch. You won’t be bombarded with industry jargon, nor quizzed about your property.

The company will want to know a little about you, though, and about your property, as well as any plans you have for it. This will allow them to provide in depth info on any areas of the house you may be planning to renovate.

You’ll Agree the Cost

After you’ve enquired about a home inspection, cost is the second thing you’ll need to think about.

Most companies accept various payment methods, while some even allow you to pay online. The final cost of the service will depend on the size of your property, and any other packages you may wish to include.

The Inspection Itself

Your building inspection will then take place relatively soon after agreeing on a deal.

The inspectors will visit your property and compile a detailed report on everything from the condition of the walls to the state of the plumbing. For a complete list of what you’ll receive in your report, it’s best to contact your inspection company prior to buying.

You’ll Receive your Report

Once the inspection is complete, you’ll receive a report which will give you an indication of the house’s quality. You’ll want to invest in a building that is in great shape, so this report should help you make a better informed judgment.

If you’re receiving a report about a house you already own, it will still be extremely useful. You’ll now be able to decide whether or not renovations should go ahead as planned, or whether you should spend some of that money fixing up the house’s problems.


As you can see, the whole process is straightforward and problem free. Most say that having a home inspection carried out was one of the best property decisions they’ve made. It allowed them to make informed decisions about where they will spend their money.

Have your inspection carried out with confidence. Know that the process is great value for money, and only stands to benefit you in the long run.

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