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Experiencing A Beautiful Sleep With Memory Foam Technology

Although a lot of people will throw out their old mattress because it no longer supports them properly, they might be able to avoid this waste and expense. Buying an entirely new mattress is costly and yours might still have some life in it. Buying a mattress topper instead could solve the problem more cheaply, although they can cost several hundred dollars.

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What is memory foam?

Memory foam is, literally, foam which is designed to support the user’s natural shape when she sleeps. It takes that person’s shape around the shoulders, spine, neck, and so on, curving comfortably. Instead of her body feeling the pressure of a hard and unyielding mattress, or a too-soft mattress, the consumer’s shape sinks in where it needs to. It is typically about two inches thick and quite light. (Find a more detailed explanation on what is memory foam by clicking here.)

Why use memory foam?

It is a common story that consumers struggle with sleeplessness. One of the reasons is related to back, neck, and shoulder pain. When consumers are suffering, a regular mattress places pressure on the painful areas. It is either too stiff to yield, or too soft to support the body properly. A time of rest becomes hours of agony in which no healing can take place.

With memory foam, consumers commonly notice that they sleep better right away. They obtain relief without pain killers; and with more rest, they can heal better too. As their joints relax, they often feel better. These toppers are available in all bed sizes, so consumers do not need to cut them down or put two together for their king-sized bed.

What are the other features of memory foam?

There are at least two other features to keep in mind when you shop for memory foam mattress toppers. First of all, determine if your product is anti-microbial. Many items are now made to resist the growth of bugs, germs, mold, and allergens. Your mattress topper could be one of them. Check before you buy yours to be sure it is not just a bit of cheap foam which will come apart little by little. Expect to receive a warranty with your purchase.

Also, maintaining a healthy and comfortable temperature at night is important. Some foam toppers are ventilated to allow for proper air flow. This does two things: it prevents moisture buildup and stops the consumer from becoming too warm. Most people like their mattress to feel cool beneath them.


Foam mattress toppers are widely available. You can buy them online from select companies or purchase them from furniture stores which sell bedroom furnishings and accessories.

Monica Swartz is an Interior Designer from Chicago, Illinois, who also market a website by the name of online.

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