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Experiencing Unparalleled Growth!

Pune properties, owing to its strategic location, friendly business environment, top notch educational institutes has been developing at a tremendous pace. This boom will bring in more migrants and increase the demand on housing and will further

shoot up the real estate values.
Pune, one of the largest metro cities in India is located near Mumbai in Maharashtra. It is famous not only for its educational facilities but also for its property sector which has come up in a big way. Many reputed builders and developers are coming up

with good flats in Pune.
The reason behind this sudden boom is the IT and software companies that are shifting their base to Pune and establishing their offices here. There are few particular areas in Pune where the entire area is dominated by IT offices. Almost 90% of the commercial area has been utilized by these IT and software companies. As a result of this, demand for commercial as well as residential property has increased considerably.

experienced unparalleled growth

Finding an appropriate flat in Pune requires some homework and research in this sector. Many good developers and builders have come up with high quality flats offering best possible facilities and amenities in them. One simply needs to identify their needs first and then look for a suitable flat. A variety of flats like, 1 BHK flats, 2 bedroom flats, 3+1 and 4+1 flats are available. Duplex and penthouses are also available for people who need more space and are affluent enough to afford them.

Many people invest in Pune properties as they anticipate good returns on their investments. As this sector is growing exponentially, one can get good returns on their hard earned money making their venture successful. Flats in areas like Chinchwad, Sadashiv Peth, Dhanori and Hinjewadi, are coming up in a big way. Here, flats are available for people with tight budgets as and also for people who can splurge money for a comfortable living.

Before buying a house in Pune, it is advisable to research a little bit on real estate sector. There are certain trade books published on this sector where a comprehensive list of builders and developers along with the variety of flats offered by them are listed. They also mention tentative rates of these flats. This list can help a prospective buyer to look for the property that is most suitable to his needs. For small or nuclear families and students or bachelors, a variety of 1 BHK flats are also available in Pune. These flats offer facilities like playing area for kids, jogging area, Health Club, gym, swimming pool, etc. These are enough for the recreation and relaxation of small families. These places offer safety and security to their residents in an adequate way. The flats are not only maintained well but are also well developed so that people find everything of their need in nearby areas. They are actually self sustained flats.

Pune property market registered a phenomenal growth in the year 2010. Since affordability has also increased and loans can be taken easily, the sector has maintained its position. Now days, youngsters who are employed with IT or software or any other industry are paid handsomely. So instead of renting a flat they prefer to buy it and live comfortably. They prefer giving installments of their house loans instead of paying a hefty rent. This has again worked in the favor of Pune property market.

Its close proximity to Mumbai also makes it an attractive place to live in. It has a mix of metro and a Tier II city which attracts prospective buyers. They buy flats here and eventually settle down here to enjoy the comforts and peace of this city. According to real estate experts, this is the right time to buy property in Pune and make hay while sun shines.

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