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Features That Make Tiny Houses Unique

There is a new housing movement spreading fast across America. It is based on a desire to cut back on high utility bills and large amounts of possessions to live a more meager, but greener, life. It all started when folks began to consider just how much they were having to work to pay off and maintain their large houses.

Fed up with having no time for family or friends, they searched for a better way to live a simpler life that wouldn’t strain their wallets to the breaking point. What they came up with was the tiny house.

But for those who have never stepped inside of one, it can be hard to understand why everyone keeps talking about how amazing they are. Read on for a few examples of their features that will help you understand what all of the fuss is about.

Tiny Houses Unique

No Wasted Space

Most tiny houses have only about 100-400 square feet of living space inside them. So they are even smaller than the average efficiency apartment is. Because of this, every inch of them is designed with space-saving features.

Drawers and cabinets are put in unusual places to ensure that items can still be stored properly. The doors slide into crevices in the walls. And there are no extra gaps between the appliances. Many of them even include overhead storage areas similar to an attic.

Composting Toilets

Some tiny houses have no bathrooms at all, but this causes the homeowner to have to be dependent on using the toilet somewhere else. Because of this, many have started to add features that make hygiene at home easier, such as the composting toilet.

This toilet isn’t directly connected to a sewer line. Instead, it allows waste to break down in an attached container that has to be emptied occasionally.

Open Living Quarters

In a tiny house, all of the rooms flow together. If there is a bathroom, it is usually partitioned off with a small door or curtain though. But for the most part, all of the space is completely open.

This makes decorating a lot easier because the same colors and patterns can be continued throughout the home. But for those who are used to having more privacy, not having individual rooms can be a bit difficult to handle at first.


Although some people choose to make their tiny house into a permanent structure with a foundation, the majority of them are designed to be portable. They are set on a base with wheels, so they can be taken anywhere.

This is a convenient option for people who want to be able to travel without staying in an expensive hotel along the way. However, it is important to note that if a person wants to buy a tiny house for this purpose, they should be sure that they get one that is made well.

The less sturdy types tend to lose their structural integrity from the constant shifting and pulling that they get from being on the road so much.

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