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How Can A Filter Help In Keeping Pond Water Clean

Pond filter is a great utility in any garden. Clear pond water is beneficial in numerous ways. So, if your pond water is getting dirty, then you must install a good quality filter. Investment in a right filter will help you get maximum benefit from it. It will keep your pond clean and hygienic for several years.

Is filter system needed in all ponds?

It is not essential to have a filter system in a pond. People who are planning not to keep any fish or making a wildlife pond with a few fishes and high plant stocks may not have a filter. A filter system is a simple but lengthy procedure to get a balanced nitrogen cycle inside the pond.

When buying a filter, choose the one that can easily manage the pond volume and predict stocking level of fishes. As fishes grow and breed, it makes sense to go for one model up. Swell is a renowned supplier of the best quality indoor and pond aquarium equipment in the UK.

Pond Water Clean

What can make a pond water dirty?

There are a few reasons due to which you will find that your pond water is becoming dirty.

  • Biological or mechanical filters have not been efficiently serviced
  • You have not cleaned your pond in the last year
  • The pump present at the bottom is jammed
  • No gravel or rocks are present in the pond. They are useful as it serves as a place for many waste-eating bacteria
  • Your pond has no fish. Due to which algae can’t be eaten.
  • There are no plants to absorb excess nutrients

In what ways does a filter impact a pond?

To deal with the above-mentioned issues, you can apply a few fixes. One is to replace old filter media and clean the pond. Both natural and manmade filters are beneficial by offering a low-maintenance pond. This can happen in less than a day’s time by the help of trained professional. Another way is to add fish and other aquatic plants to prevent any growth of algae.

This method does not require any major reconstruction. It creates a living ecosystem that not just entertains but also promote health. The third way is to use a skimmer due to its capability to clean a lot of surface debris and dust from the pond.

How to increase the water quality in a pond?

To provide good quality of water, some type of waste removal should be provided. Two main ways that are used in an average garden pond and water garden are biological filtration and mechanical filtration.

Mechanical filters work by physically eliminating solids from the water. This is done by trapping the dust in the form of brush, mat, or sponge. Biological filtration removes toxins from garden ponds and water gardens by disintegrating ammonia into nitrite and again into nitrate.


A proper size of pond filter can benefit a pond owner by increasing pond’s life and the enjoyment that you can get from it. For the pond with the clearest water, where you can clearly see the bottom, watch fishes, and enjoy seeing the clean water, you should definitely get a filter today.

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