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Finest Bugatti Classic Cars in Concours d Elegance 2012

The 2012 collecting will kick-off on Friday, seventh Sept, with Rubinacci – masters of fashion exhibition, a luxurious present of selected historical suits from the popular model house of Rubinacci, Naples, in the enchanting setting from the royal Whitened Structure in Belgrade underneath the auspice of HRH Royal prince Peter of Serbia. Unique choice of popular classic cars through the famous auto club Allegri del Volante from Florencia (Ferrari 250 TR, Maserati A6 to say a couple of) is going to be displayed while watching Structure.

bugatti classics

Throughout the CHIVAS Concours d’Elegance system while watching Grand Casino Belgrade, a few of the finest classic cars in the region is going to be displayed together with a few of the famous automobiles around the globe famous enthusiasts, people from the Allegri del Volante club from Florence, all competing to find the best of Show trophy granted through the distinguished jury. Important area of the program is definitely an exhibition through the famous AUTO® conference together with Somersby, showing French designer Sasa Lakic, special star designer from the super-vehicle VENTURI.

bugatti classic cars

bugatti classic cars 2012

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