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Four Tip Top Taps to Grace Your Bathroom With

So you’ve decided on your bathroom suite having picked the perfect shower, toilet and basin units for your bathroom, but now you’ve hit a bit of a problem in picking the right design for your tap fittings.

Whilst they are only small, faucets play an important part in creating the look of your bathroom so you shouldn’t rush your decision.

With that in mind here is a list of four top taps you can choose from to really bring out the best in your bathroom.


The reason behind the name mixer tap should seem obvious – it’s a unit that combines both the hot and cold water units into one combined unit, hence ‘mixer’.

Nowadays these units have gone and combined the idea of two separate taps into one contemporary tap unit.

There are a wide variety of these faucets available from modern cubist styles, to curvaceous units – so there really exist plenty of varieties out there to make a statement in your bathroom.

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Old fashioned

Of course a top of the range ultra-modern tap might seem somewhat out of place in a bathroom with an old fashioned theme, so there are still plenty of more traditional fittings available.

For example, someone bringing back a classic vintage house to its former glory is unlikely to opt for the new look units on the market. Thankfully there is an abundance of more traditional fittings available to grace your bathroom with.

Free Standing

If you are lucky enough to be able to grace your bathroom with a luxuriousness shower bath unit then what better way to add to this than to have a free standing faucet.

These long slender numbers really complement your bath and give it a different edge to the conventional baths with the taps fixed into the unit. They come in a number of designs and some also include a hand held shower head as well.


For something a little different and quirky there is the waterfall tap; if you imagine a typical faucet and replace it with an open top similar to that of a convertible car, you will have envisioned something similar to the waterfall tap.

Of course a soft top is not an option in the faucet world, but as the purpose of you using the bath is to actually get wet – that shouldn’t be too much of an issue!

Typically featuring a cubist design, these taps are perfect for the style conscious out there.

By picking one of these top tap choices for your bathroom you are sure to make a splash with the family and your guests alike, but the choice is ultimately up to you. Whether you opt for the modern stylings offered by a waterfall unit, or go for a more traditional faucet will depend on what kind of image you are trying to create in your bathroom.

Louisa Jenkins is an interior design specialist with a keen interest in advising people how small bathroom accessories like taps can make a big difference to their bathroom suite.

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