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Is a Freestanding Bath The Right Choice for your Bathroom?

From the humble slipper bath to the more contemporary and sleek stone baths, freestanding bath tubs are a visually stunning and practical addition to any bathroom. They can be a shining centrepiece in your bathroom design that lends itself to your bathroom design and generates a real ‘wow’ factor for any guests that you have in your home. This being said, they they may not be the right choice for everyone. There are many factors to consider before purchasing and installing a freestanding bath. Here are few things to think about before you set out to purchasing a freestanding bath:

Plan out your bathroom design

Freestanding baths take up a lot more space than on first glance. Some freestanding baths are designed to be mounted sturdily against a wall whereas some will need to sit in the centre of a room. A lot of bathrooms may not have the extra space needed to accommodate a freestanding bath that sits in the centre of the room, especially if you have concrete floors that will not allow the pipework necessary for the installation of freestanding bath taps.

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Practicality vs Design

When considering purchasing a freestanding bath, one of the main concerns that potential buyers often overlook is how difficult it may be to clean on a day to day basis. If you think about a conventional bathtub, over half of the tub is concealed when it’s fixed against a wall, leaving only a couple of panels and the inside of the tub to clean. On the other hand, freestanding baths have all angles exposed to potential dirt and dust, making them much harder to maintain and keep clean.

Think about weight

Freestanding baths are, more often than not, placed away from walls meaning that the weight distribution of both the bath and the water it’s filled with are being completely supported by the bottom of the bath or the feet that the bath is sitting on. Because of this, a lot of stress is likely to be put upon the flooring below where the bath is placed. Make sure that the foundation of the bath is capable of handing the extra weight by inspecting floorboards for and reinforcing them accordingly. If you’re unsure of how to go about doing this, your local plumber will be happy to help.

This post was contributed by Island Bathrooms, a specialist bathroom retailer in the United Kingdom with two large showrooms in Bournemouth & Salisbury.

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