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Gift A Bit Of Greenery To Your Loved Ones

The count of trees and plants are decreasing day by day and at least 66% of green cover has been lost in the last four decades. Do you understand the meaning of that? It means due to rapid urbanization, this rate is going to increase more and more. At least 33% of greenery or forest area is required for a moderate Eco balance. We need to grow and develop with broad roads, well-built school, college and office buildings, polished transport system, etc. But in this process we are eating up the oxygen content which may be a challenge in coming ages. By buying online plants in India, you can at least promote greenery which is really a noble idea to be shared among people.

Keeping indoor plants like Dendrobium, palm, peace lilies, ferns, and Schefflera would keep the air clean and clear by purifying the space. Not only that indoor plants means you have to take care of them by watering and fertilizing them. And this little bit of gardening would keep you stress free and motivated. And there cannot be any better gift idea than plants because where lakhs of trees are being cut down, you are nurturing one of them. And that’s really a noble job.

Gift A Bit Of Greenery

Here are some of the indoor plants and flower plants that can be gifted to your loved ones on any occasion.

  • Aloe Vera: Not only the green leaves brighten up your space, Aloe Vera means you would also be having a fabulous hair and a flawless skin. Read the benefits of antioxidants from Aloe Vera that can be formed into various packs to applying on skin and hair.
  • English Ivy: Buy this online plant in India and present to your friend as a gift on house warming. Keeping it in a tin pot and hanging from the balcony gives a lovely look to the space. Keeping in balcony means required direct sunlight would be grabbed by the plant. You just need to pout water two-three times a day for better leaves.
  • Peace Lily: Medium to low light is required for the growth of peace lilies and it requires watering at regular interval. Keeping it beside window would be a nice place for this plant.
  • Fiddle Leave Fig: This plant has big leaves and with indirect sunlight grows really well. This one can be gifted to your grandparents on their birthdays or anniversary. This can be placed beside the long window or beside the balcony.

So, for your friends of Bangalore, send plants to Bangalore and give them a noble gift.

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