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Guide to iOS 6 and Why it is Worth the Upgrade

Those who have an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch might want to consider downloading the latest version of Apple’s operating system if they have not done so already.  Apple’s iOS 6 is considered to be a very advanced system and has included a whole range of new features – more than 200, according to Apple.

To get it, all you need to do is follow the instructions given under ‘software update’ on the settings menu of the device or you can download it via iTunes.  It can take up to 45 minutes to install in total.  So what does this new version have to offer?

Apple Maps

Apple now has its own version of Maps which is included, although reviewers are not impressed with it so far.  Many users are still opting for Google Maps as a result.  However, it does include 3D view and a zoom function and you can get updates on local traffic news as well as points of interest.

Siri Updates

A further update has been added to Siri.  Siri is the virtual assistant on the operating system and there are now new things for it to talk about.  There is also a new range of tasks which can be completed by Siri including control of Maps, a number of other apps and updates to Twitter.  There are plans in the future for the operating system to work with in-car entertainment systems too.  Siri is now also available for the iPad.

Do Not Disturb

There is also now a feature which stops the user being disturbed in the night.  The do not disturb function will determine a time when the phone will mute and not light up when a notification comes through.  There are customisations which can be added to this feature and you can ignore calls with a text message.


Apple Mail

There is now a VIP section to Apple Mail and there have also been updates to Safari.  This can now by synced with iCloud so that the open tabs on desktop Safari can be replicated.  You can save articles to read at another time so that there is content for when there is no connection to the internet.


The system can be integrated with Facebook in the same way that the previous version of the operating system was integrated with Twitter.  You can share photos instantly and there is a Calendar app which will take information from Facebook events so that you have access to it instantly.


The Game Centre is still very familiar but the Challenges feature has been made much more interesting.  You can challenge friends to a game and is a vast improvement on similar functions on the previous system.


PassBook is a standard app on the iOS 6 system.   This is set to be a virtual wallet in the future where you can store tickets, store cards and anything else you might carry around in your wallet.  This is still in the early stages as it involves other companies signing up to work with it and there are only a few that have so far.

Phil Turner knows people with iPhone 4 pay as you go phones and they are still happy with their phones after a year or more.

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