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A Guideline for designing a modern living room

Being the focal point of the house living room is the most crucial room. It should thus be well-designed and stylish yet should reflect your taste and liking. One of the latest trends going on is using modern furniture pieces in the living room.

This is mainly because of the increase in the number of youngsters shifting to apartments, lofts, and small places. Modern living room furniture came to light during the 20th century. You may feel that designing a living room with simple furniture would be a piece of cake but in reality, it is very difficult. Here are few tips that will assist you to design a perfect living room of your choice.

A Guideline for designing a modern living room

When designing a living room start with ascertaining the purpose of the modern living room as different people think differently about the use of such room. Some may want to design it like a formal seating place while others as a casual space to relax and entertain guests. Next, get the room measured properly and no guesswork here so measure each wall.

Then choose a theme, this is the most crucial step as the whole room will be designed revolving this point. To this -So, for instance, you could select a modern canvas print to place above the fireplace or go for a hobby as a theme. But always keep your budget in mind unless there is no limit. You can browse through the internet to decide on things or pieces that are “must-haves”.

You can create a checklist so as to prioritize each item which will ensure that you have a living room of your dream. LaContempo has a range of modern furniture pieces for every budget. Once this is done, select the color of the wall either it can be in contrast or one that blends well with the focal point or theme and now, based on these colors buy modern furniture.

The choice of furniture will depend on the type of living room you want to design. For instance, for a dramatic living room, you can combine contrasting colors and bold lines. White walls with black carpets can be the basic elements then you can add on an ultra-suede couch in red color.

With this, you can choose angular cushions. For tables and hangings, you can go for glass-cube shape for entertainment flat screen television and shelves with artistic pieces and stereo system is a great choice for a dramatic modern look.

On the other hand, if you want a funky living room then you need to add colors to your room. Geometry is one of the major elements of Modern living room furniture, this means you need to select definite corners, curvilinear shapes, fuss-free and straight lines and rounded corners.

The living area should look like geometric works of art.  Being geometrical does not mean that modern furniture has to be non-functional. A point to remember when selecting modern furniture is that it works best in areas with a lot of lighting and spacious rooms.

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