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Welcome Home: Unpacking and Other New Home Adventures

You have unlocked the door to your new home, stepped inside, and are surveying what is set before you. As far as you can see is vast emptiness — not a stitch of furniture is to be found.

Soon, the moving truck will arrive and allow you to begin to transform your house into a home explains the North American Moving Company. Yes, it is almost time to unpack and take on other new-home adventures. Here’s the best way to manage things over the coming days.

Home Adventures

1. Unpack what you absolutely need first. Hopefully you created a “first open” box and have that to work with initially. This box contains all the things you must have right away, including towels, bedding, toiletries, and anything else you don’t want to dig through dozens of boxes to find. Get to work on this box immediately, then get everyone settled.

2. Prioritize by room. Once your initial box has been opened, the next thing you need to open are the boxes in your kitchen. After all, people need to eat. And the last thing you want to do is to order takeout because you cannot find your pots and pans, flatware, dishes, and other kitchen items. Place the toaster on the counter and the microwave too. Inspect the refrigerator to ensure that it is turned on and cold. Do not place anything in the refrigerator until it reaches cooling temperature. That means you may need to wait a day to shop for food or at least keep what food you have in a cooler with dry ice. Test the stove to ensure that it works. Familiarize yourself with the kitchen and it’s layout. Turn all lights switches on and off. Check the garbage disposal. Inspect the dishwasher and run your first load as soon as you have dirty dishes to be cleaned.

3. Move on to the bedrooms. Your first box held your essential items, but not everything you need for each bedroom. This is where boxes that have been adequately labeled by you before you move can identify what is in each one. Take out the remaining bedding and finish making each bed. Have your children help you. If the rest of the furniture is in place, then have your family help you fill each chest of drawers. Hangered clothing can go immediately into the closet. At this point, you don’t have to put all clothing items in their place. Just the essential stuff you’ll need over the next few days.

4. Get the bathrooms in shape. You’ve already placed the toiletries in each bathroom. Next, you need to inspect the toilets and the tubs to ensure that they are clean for use. If not, tend to these matters immediately. Next, prepare each bathroom for use: that means there should be sufficient towels, toilet paper and a shower curtain in place. Toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, deodorant, soap, and everything else you use in the bathroom should be present.

5. Deciding what’s next. Quite easily, you can get a lot done in just a day or two. At the same time, you may be exhausted from your long trip. It is at this point you need to decide what should be unpacked now or delayed until later. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, then take a break. There’s no reason for you to do everything at once. But there could be a good reason for you to cut yourself some slack––you’re simply too tired to stay at it!

Discovering Your New Area

If your move has taken you far from your previous home, then you have a new area to discover. Go out with your family and make the rounds of your neighborhood. Find out where people hang out, including parks, stores, and entertainment. Give yourself the break you need before you head back home to once again busy yourself with unpacking.

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