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How Businesses Swindle You and Each Other

We all know that the world revolves around money and that marketing is the key to making this money go around.  We know this because we have all gone to the supermarket for a loaf of bread and come back with about ten bags of shopping.  We are suckers for offers we can’t refuse, even if we don’t need them.  However, it isn’t just supermarkets that swindle us.  Here are a few businesses that will make sure you spend a whole lot more than you had originally intended.

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You probably know how annoying it is to be in a bar and find the music is so loud you can barely hear yourself think.  Having a conversation is completely out of the question.  Everybody knows this, actually, so how come bars still do it?  It’s because they are able to make more money that way.  If you can’t have a conversation, you will get bored.  For lack of anything else to do, you will order another drink so you can at least keep your hands and mouth occupied.


I briefly touched on your grocery shopping above, but do you know how much money supermarkets actually make on you, without you even knowing it?  How quick are you to look at the big yellow stickers with bold letterings and automatically grab that rather than another product?  But have you ever inspected the yellow stickers?  Make sure you do, because very often, it isn’t even an offer but just the normal price printed on a different sticker!  The standard “buy one, get one free” offers are similar.  You are buying something branded, that you would probably normally buy unbranded, and are hence actually spending a whole lot more.  Or perhaps you see an offer you can’t refuse, but the item that is on offer is something you had no intention of buying the first place.  Or perhaps you get a “free” bowl with a box of cereal.  Nothing in this world is free, it is just a gimmick to make you buy that particular box of cereal rather than a cheaper brand that you would normally choose.


What restaurants want you to do is come in, order your food, eat it and get the hell out.  You thought you were going for a nice, cosy meal, but you are actually being pushed along a conveyor belt.  One of the things they do to make sure you don’t stay and linger is to use very uncomfortable chairs.  Be honest, have you ever sat on a restaurant chair and thought you could just fall asleep in it?  Probably not.  Not just that, have you noticed how they always play some sort of soft, classical music in the background?  Did you know that the music you hear is actually quite quick?  And did you know that subconsciously, this makes us eat quicker?  Awful, isn’t it?  But it is certainly true.  Pay attention to this next time you are out for a meal and you will soon see that it is true.

The thing is, businesses don’t just swindle you, they swindle each other too.  Think of business electricity rates – that is a business (the energy company) making another business (the regular company) think that they’ve got an offer they can’t refuse!  Take our advice – if you own a business, check you’re not paying more than you should be!

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