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How Luxury Paper Bags Can Benefit Your Business

Luxury paper bags are an excellent way of advertising your store to potential customers and a great marketing tool that all of your shoppers will use.  If you think about it by purchasing from your store and the leaving with the goods in one of your luxury paper bags they are in a way paying you to advertise for you. The difference with luxury paper bags and the normal carrier bags is that once the shopper gets home nine times out of ten they would throw the standard carrier bag whereas they will opt to keep the luxury version.  If you are a store or a brand that invests good money in producing these luxury paper bags then that is normally a signal to the customer about how strong the brand is and helps the shopper to make an informed decision to keep the  bag and re-use it over and over again (more free advertising for you or your business.)

One of the most important decisions that your marketing team will make is the design of your luxury paper bags – they will need to think clearly about how they will catch other shoppers (potential customers) eyes by using your bag as a marketing tool.  If you don’t actually have your own marketing department then worry not as they are agencies available that you can contract in to do this work for you.  For example a good marketing department / agency will easily be able to identify the message you are trying to send out whilst understanding the style, price and time restrictions that they are working within.

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Always ensure that during this process you get a couple of sample luxury paper bags of each design you are torn between so that you can potentially do a little of your own market research and maybe get an idea of how the public perceive the bag and whether it would draw them more to your store. Always look around when you are out and about in the high street, look at other bags and get an idea of what is out there and which ones seem to be popular and why.

Once you’ve made your decision with which design to go for, approach a few wholesalers to gauge prices and whether they will offer any discounts depending on quantities of luxury paper bags ordered. Remember if you aren’t happy always be prepared to haggle on the price as they will want your business. are producers of luxury paper bags and eco bags which can be fully customised for you or your business. Why not visit us today to see our complete selection.

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