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How to Find a Flat to Rent in Brighton

How to Find a Flat to Rent in Brighton

Looking for a flat in Brighton? You’ve made a great choice. This sunny seaside city offers sophisticated culture, killer nightlife and a bustling IT-based economy. Of course, if you already live there, you’ll know all that; what you might not know is what to expect in the present property market and with the constantly changing demographics. Students looking to leave the comforting surroundings of their University halls will be similarly clueless. If you want to know more about what’s hot (and not) in the Brighton property market, read on.

For Those on a Budget

If you don’t have too much money to spend, you have two options. Firstly, you can take on a flatmate or two and split the rent on a smaller place in the Lewes Road area. This vicinity is massively popular with students and young families, as it offers ease of access to public transport, a variety of fast food outlets and supermarkets, and a ‘halfway’ location between the city centre and the outskirts which are occupied by the University of Sussex. You will need to share, though – as unfashionable as the area is, all property is expensive in Brighton! Expect to share a 2-bedroom flat between 3 people. Alternatively, you can venture outside of the city limits and rent a place in Rottingdean or Saltdean. No, it isn’t technically Brighton, but as low-cost housing within the city is in such high demand, you’re unlikely to get anywhere unless you adjust your expectations.

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Mid-Range Flats in Brighton

Those with a little more cash to splash out on flats to rent in Brighton have a lot more freedom. Well-furnished, trendy small apartments are readily available on the outskirts of the city centre for professional singletons and couples who want to enjoy everything the nightlife has to offer without relying on public transport. As you move further in towards the main hub, relative prices become higher. It is possible to get a place in the heart of the legendary Lanes; however, it’ll be quite cosy unless you’re earning a great salary.

Premium Flats in Brighton

Brighton is a great place to live as a high earner. Very comfortable flats in the North Laines and the Kemptown area offer access to a bohemian lifestyle, with easy London transport links and a wide variety of entertainments venue and restaurants to boot. With that said, many of those with larger budgets will instead opt for neighbouring Hove. The atmosphere of this adjoined town is noticeably different – less ‘hippie’, more ‘yuppie’ – which could suit someone who is drawn to Brighton for its location, but who is less concerned with being in the middle of a busy city.

Rosie Waters is a writer and enthusiastic Brighton resident.

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